Employees wear protective masks to prevent decoration pollution

As the office was asked to move in three days after the new decoration, an employee had to wear a mask to work. After working in the office for a period of time, employees get outdoor ventilation, and many of them also have red rashes on their faces

it is said that the renovation of the office was completed around February 19, and they were asked to move into the new office to work on February 22. On the first day of work, some employees feel very uncomfortable breathing. After working for half an hour, they need to go outdoors for ventilation. The next day, some employees had rashes and peeling on their faces. They had to buy protective masks and wear them to work in the office

many employees reported that they had no way to work, so they had to come in when the company let them in. Fortunately, they heard that protective masks had strong filtering pollution and were not expensive, otherwise they could not continue to work in them..

many employees confirmed to reporters that the decoration floor was the second and third floor of the office building, especially the third floor, As a result, almost all employees on this floor wear masks. Then the reporter asked to enter the company to interview was refused

according to the property management, the decoration is the responsibility of the company itself, so they are not clear about it. Subsequently, the reporter and the relevant person in charge of the company to get in touch, but as of press time did not get the company’s relevant explanation on this matter

Li Gong, from the interior environmental protection committee of Beijing Architectural Decoration Association, said that the indoor air pollution after decoration is generally caused by formaldehyde, benzene and other organic substances. The regular and qualified indoor decoration should be subject to indoor air quality inspection seven days after the decoration and ventilation, and the house can only be delivered for use after the air quality inspection. 1f employees find air quality problems, they should ask the company or spontaneously hire an authoritative air quality testing agency to carry out the test. 1f the test report shows that the air quality is unqualified, they can claim compensation from the company or decoration company based on the test report

yesterday afternoon, more than 70 employees of Tata company proposed to the company leaders to temporarily change their offices. According to employees, the company’s leaders promised to adopt their opinions

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