End of anti dumping measures: 80% increase in leather shoes orders in Chongqing

from April 1 this year, the EU has temporarily cancelled the anti-dumping tariff trade barriers on China’s leather shoes imports. Yesterday, the news from Bishan, the shoe capital of Western China, said that, driven by the good news, the EU orders held by major enterprises in the shoe capital increased by about 80% year on year

pull Chongqing shoes export orders

“our factory in Bishan, Chongqing has more than 2000 people, and now we are working overtime.” Li Haijun, logistics manager of Aokang Group’s import and export company, revealed that generally speaking, considering the season and transportation conditions, if you want to purchase shoes made in China, EU enterprises will place orders half a year in advance” At the beginning of this year, it was reported that the EU might suspend the anti-dumping duty on Chinese leather shoes from April this year. Since then, we have received many orders from EU businesses. After entering April, orders are surging even more. ” He said that the abolition of the anti-dumping duty has reduced the cost pressure on EU buyers and will enhance the competitiveness of Chinese shoes in the EU market

it is understood that at present, only the EU orders received by Aokang in Chongqing increased by 20% year on year

yesterday, the reporter learned from the economic and Foreign Trade Commission of Bishan county that Bishan, as the shoe capital in Western China, has been ranked first in the city in terms of leather shoes production capacity. From January to March this year, the export volume of western shoe capital to European and American markets reached US $9.7173 million, a year-on-year increase of more than 61%, and the export growth rate far exceeded that of other industries< According to Wu Guangyun, executive vice president of Bishan shoes Association, according to preliminary statistics, the new orders of EU held by major shoe enterprises in the shoe capital have increased by 80% compared with last year. 1n addition to Aokang's enterprises in Chongqing, the main ones receiving large orders from EU are Jinhao shoes factory, faragas Shoes Co., Ltd., shuaimei Shoes Co., Ltd., Guanzhong Shoes Co., Ltd., etc< Enterprises should avoid price war, according to Jiang Chaoyi, the head of Jinhao Leather Shoes Co., Ltd., in order to win more overseas orders, they invested tens of millions of yuan to expand production capacity at the end of last year, and the new production line was put into use at the beginning of this year. 1n the interview process, a number of high-level shoe enterprises told reporters that they are optimistic about the future market of the EU in addition to Chongqing, the EU orders from Wenzhou, Guangzhou and other shoe producing areas also increased. According to Aokang import and export company, GEOX, the group’s largest customer in the European Union, orders in the first quarter of this year increased by about 70% year on year. Two days ago, nearly 20000 pairs of leather shoes were shipped to the European Union” European orders are snowing in. ” Xie Rongfang, Secretary General of Wenzhou shoe leather industry association, said that it is expected that the export volume of Wenzhou leather shoes will grow steadily by 10% – 20% this year “although the EU has cancelled the anti-dumping duty on shoes to China this time, the EU is also seeking new protective measures, so shoe enterprises should pay attention to it.” Aokang import and export company, a person in charge of anonymity said. 1n response to the concerns of enterprises, Wei Yafei, director of shoe making office of China Leather Association, reminded Chinese shoe enterprises that, on the one hand, they should be prepared to rationally treat the EU’s decision to suspend the anti-dumping duty; On the other hand, the association also requires enterprises to improve the quality of their products, increase the added value of their brands, avoid price war, and realize the steady growth of export volume and export price

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