Entering the school for migrant workers

When we roll up our trousers,

when we roll up our sleeves,

we still have sawdust on our faces,

we step into the migrant workers’ school with mud,

the big word “wear safety helmet” on the blackboard is shining,

because of ignorance of construction specifications,

because of lack of safety knowledge,

in our hearts,

we are in the middle of the day />
we are eager for the knowledge of construction process control

we hope to obtain theoretical cognition

migrant workers school

provides us with a big stage for learning

experts and professors are painstaking

spitting stars splashing sweet songs

safety knowledge flying out of chalk

We suck the sweet milk of safety knowledge

when we recognize the concept of resistance current and voltage again

we don’t have to recite “weeding day in the afternoon”

we don’t have to watch the rolling wheat waves

we have to master the safety knowledge of construction electricity

we can take precautions

we can enjoy our life Taste the grain of returning to warehouse

enjoy the sunshine of life

the school of migrant workers opens the door of safety knowledge for us

when experts analyze the shocking cases

conscience discovery

how many people have buried Qingchun in violation of regulations

case analysis

let us know how to cherish life Let’s understand the importance of “love is precious, life is more valuable”

let’s go

ya’er Lang

singing a happy song

walking into the school of Civil Engineering at the construction site

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