environmental sanitation workers in Yuexiu District were given first aid kits to improve their ability to deal with emergencies

1t is understood that huishanai organization found through preliminary research that many sanitation workers have weak health awareness, and they often delay going to see a doctor if they are sick; On the other hand, in order to make the garbage can hold more garbage, they often step into the garbage can to tamp the garbage, often causing scratches and cuts due to glass garbage. At the same time, because the sanitation workers are generally older, mostly between 40-55 years old, lack of awareness of regular physical examination, there are also large health and safety risks

to this end, the “huanyouai Yuexiu sanitation worker safety and health promotion plan” will escort the sanitation workers through the popularization of first aid knowledge, and equip each sanitation worker with a safety first aid kit, which can deal with common emergencies in case of accidents, and even provide simple emergency help for the citizens in need

it is reported that the project has been carried out in Zhuguang street, Huale street, Baiyun Street, Jianshe street and Guangta street. A total of 525 first aid kits have been sent out, and more than 1600 sanitation workers have received safety production training, which has improved their personal health awareness and ability(Editor: Lin Mingfeng)

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