Equipment and use of fire fighting equipment

Fire fighting equipment, equipment and facilities are necessary weapons for fire fighting. Only by being familiar with the technical performance of fire fighting equipment, equipment and facilities can we master them; Scope of application (object), use and maintenance requirements, and educate the staff and the masses to correctly use fire fighting equipment, give full play to the role of fire fighting equipment in the fire fighting, and put out the fire in time. The following will introduce some commonly used fire extinguishing agents, fire fighting equipment of the basic knowledge

(1) extinguishing agent

widely used fire extinguishing agents are: water, foam, carbon dioxide, dry powder, inert gas extinguishing agent, etc. Br / >
1. water

is the most commonly used fire extinguishing agent, which is convenient to use, rich in sources and low in price. Therefore, it is widely used in fire field

water cannot put out the fire caused by the following substances and equipment

fires caused by alkali metals, including carbonization, hydrogenation, and golden yellow, belong to fires; Sulfuric acid, nitric acid and hydrochloric acid should not be put out with strong water; Lighter than water, insoluble in flammable liquids (except oil and heavy oil); Molten iron, molten steel; When the high voltage electrical device is in fire and there is no good grounding equipment or the current is not cut off

11 foam fire extinguishing

foam is a kind of bubble which is smaller and the surface is surrounded by liquid. 1t only saves fires caused by flammable liquids and inflammable gases. The bubble used in our country is chemical foam and air mechanical foam. The main principle of br/>
foam extinguishing is that the foam is lighter than flammable and combustible liquid. 1t covers the burning liquid surface, prevents the vapour of liquid from entering the combustion area, prevents air from contacting with the fire surface, prevents heat from transmitting to the liquid surface, and absorbs a certain amount of heat, thus causing combustion to stop. Br/>
(3) chemical foam extinguishing agent

is light in chemical foam. 1t has a certain foaming ratio, strong fire resistance and good durability. 1t can cover the surface of the fire and has good covering and cooling effect. Br/>
4. The common foam extinguishing agent

has the function of covering, cooling and extinguishing, and can effectively extinguish the flammable and combustible liquid alkane, but it is not suitable to extinguish the water and liquid gas such as alcohols, ketones, ethers and so on. (5) carbon dioxide fire extinguishing agent

it is suitable for putting out fires of electrical equipment, precision instruments, books and archives, as well as small oil, gas and some substances that cannot be put out with water. However, it is not easy to put out the fire areas where metal hydrides such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, aluminum and so on can be put out, and it is also not easy to put out some fires that can burn raw materials in inert medium and some substances (such as cotton) are internally flame retardant< (6) dry powder fire extinguishing agent is suitable for extinguishing flammable liquid, flammable gas and electrical fire areas, as well as some fires that are not suitable for extinguishing with water. However, attention should be paid to the cooling of containers or substances to avoid re ignition (2) extinguisher fire extinguisher is a portable fire extinguisher. There are many kinds of fire extinguishers, mainly including clean fire extinguishers, foam extinguishers, carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, dry powder extinguishers, and 1211 fire extinguishers. Br / >
you should learn to use the fire extinguisher provided by your unit or department. The fire extinguisher must be checked and updated regularly so that it can be put out at the beginning of the fire< Parents and teachers should educate children to form a good habit of not playing with fire. No unit shall organize minors to put out fires< Don't litter cigarette ends and kindling 3. Flammable materials should not be used in interior decoration< Fire hydrant is related to public safety. Do not damage, occupy or bury it 5. Take good care of fire-fighting equipment and master the usage of common fire-fighting equipment 6. Do not bring inflammables and explosives into public places or take public transportation 7. Observe the fire signs and remember the evacuation direction when entering public places 8. Keep the evacuation passageway unblocked under any circumstances 9. Anyone who finds any behavior endangering public fire safety can report it to the public security fire department or the public security personnel on duty 10. Be very careful when using fire in daily life. Do not place combustible or inflammable materials near the fire source L1. 1n case of gas leakage, close the valve immediately, open the doors and windows, and do not touch the electrical switch or use open fire 12. Electrical circuits are old and aging, and should be repaired and replaced in time 13. Do not replace the circuit fuse with copper wire 14. No overload 15. 1f you find a fire, you can call L19 immediately, and the fire brigade will not charge for the fire fighting 16. Those who know about the situation of the fire should inform the firefighters of the situation of the surrounded persons and inflammables and explosives in time 17. When the fire strikes, it is necessary to evacuate quickly and do not be greedy for property 18. When you have to escape through thick smoke, you should wrap your body with wet clothes, cover your mouth and nose, and get close to the ground 19. 1f you are on fire, you can roll on the spot or cover it with heavy clothes to extinguish the fire 20. When the door is sealed and unable to escape from the fire, wet bedding, clothing, etc. can be used to block the door, splash water to cool down, and call for help our website solemnly declares that this article is reprinted by network media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with our website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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