Equipment construction of “one team, four vehicles and two pumps” full-time fire brigade ranks in the forefront of China

Light water tanks (foam) fire engines, emergency rescue vehicles, medium-sized (heavy) water tank fire engines, pickup trucks, the latest Japanese imported Dong FA 52V fire pump, although not active fire brigade, but with “super active” vehicles and personal protective equipment, now, enter any of Zhejiang Haining’s full-time fire brigade, you can see such excellent equipment construction. 1t is understood that there are 11 “paramilitary” full-time fire brigades, including 177 full-time firefighters, 76 “five haves” village level volunteer fire brigades and more than 600 enterprise fire brigades, which are established by the government, managed by the public security and guided by the fire control, forming the “public security fire brigade in active service as the main force, with the full-time fire brigade as the backbone The urban-rural integrated fire safety defense system supplemented by other fire organizations has played an important role in fire fighting and rescue, fire safety inspection, fire publicity and education

however, with the rapid development of economy, all kinds of fire fighting and rescue disasters and accidents also occur frequently. The new fire protection law stipulates that fire forces should not only meet the local fire fighting tasks, but also adapt to the road traffic accidents, earthquakes, building collapses, major production safety accidents and other disasters that focus on saving people’s lives Since the establishment of the full-time fire brigade in 2004, the personal protective equipment is too old to meet the requirements of personal protection level, the consumption of conventional equipment is very large, the number of special equipment is in urgent shortage, and the existing ones have exceeded the service life Conventional equipment can not be replenished in time, which seriously affects the duty preparation work

to promote the development of full-time fire brigade to “standardization and specialization”, the Haining municipal government has equipped with a light water tank (foam) fire truck, a rescue vehicle, a medium-sized (heavy) water tank fire truck and a pickup truck for each full-time fire brigade, and equipped two mobile fire pumps for each team. So that all teams give full play to the role of emergency rescue “commando”

in addition, all full-time fire brigades are equipped with personal protective equipment according to the standards of the fire brigade in service, including a fire headlamp, a rescuer, at least six air breathing apparatus, heavy chemical protective clothing and life-saving air cushion. This configuration is the first in the national full-time team

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