Erdos Transport Management Bureau provides family first aid kits for employees

With the increase of emergencies, people’s safety awareness is getting higher and higher, health emergency package has gradually entered people’s daily life, and has gradually become a necessary product in travel. 1n order to better promote the family doctor service, recently, the labor union and office of Ordos Transportation Management Bureau equipped the whole system with a family first aid kit. The first aid kit contains five kinds of medicine, and the outer package of the whole first aid kit is waterproof, and printed with the Transportation Management Bureau’s logo and warm blessing

in the process of distribution, he explained in detail how to use the items in the first aid kit, and told the staff to pay attention to safety at home and out. The staff said that this small first aid kit is very practical, and it is a “heart warming package” prepared by the unit for the staff. A total of 751 first-aid kits were distributed this time, one for each employee

although the first aid kit is small, it is full of the care of the leaders of the Municipal Transportation Administration Bureau for the employees. The City Transportation Management Bureau has always adhered to the “people-oriented”, always put the health of workers in the first place, and strive to build a harmonious transportation management. Ensure the physical and mental health of the staff, and ensure that all staff can put into the work with healthy physique and exuberant energy. To build a safety barrier for employees to work and live in peace of mind

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