Establishing “monthly evaluation system” of safety production in Fengjie County of Chongqing

Fengjie County of Chongqing combines the educational practice with the practice of work safety supervision, and innovates and establishes the “monthly evaluation system” of work safety. Every month, the county evaluates and analyzes the situation of production safety, seriously evaluates the “six key tasks”, takes the key tasks as the starting point, summarizes the successful practices, finds out the existing problems, and seeks solutions, so as to promote the stable improvement of the situation of production safety in the county

the “six key tasks” of the “monthly evaluation and analysis” are as follows: first, formulate and improve the “five responsibilities” system of “party and government with the same responsibility and” one post with double responsibilities “,” territorial supervision “, comprehensive supervision, industry management, enterprise main responsibility”, and the performance of “one post with double responsibilities” of main leaders and team members; Second, the standardization construction and special rectification of safety production in key industries such as road traffic, coal mine, construction, non coal mine, hazardous chemicals, fireworks, etc; The third is to continue the investigation and treatment of potential safety hazards, and deepen the “four major actions” of major investigation, rectification, law enforcement and supervision of work safety; Fourth, strengthen the construction of institutions, teams and equipment, strive to improve the quality of safety supervision personnel, and promote the construction of government safety supervision ability; Fifthly, publicity, education and training of work safety; Sixth, other effective innovative measures

the deputy county head in charge of the county government personally deployed the work of safety production monthly evaluation, and the County Safety Committee urged all towns and key industry departments such as construction, transportation, fire control, coal mine to complete the “monthly evaluation report” of the region and 1ndustry before the 5th of each month. The office of the safety committee of the county government forms a “monthly evaluation report” on safety production of the whole county, which is submitted to the county Party committee, the Standing Committee of the county people’s Congress, the county government, and the county CPPCC before the 8th of each month, and is also reported to the whole county

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