EU issues consumer warning on Chinese “baudou” brand safety shoes

Recently, the European Commission’s non food quick warning system issued a consumer warning on Chinese made “baudou” brand safety shoes. The notifying state of this case is France. The size of safety shoes announced this time is 41? 48, protection grade S3; The product style / model is miamhautsa-3021h, and the OECD portal category is 85 million (safety / protection D1Y products)

due to the lack of impact resistance, the safety shoes can not fully protect the injury caused by extrusion; The anti-skid performance is also insufficient; 1n addition, the safety shoes contain 37.7mg/kg chromium (V1), which is hazardous to injury and chemicals and does not comply with the EU Personal Protective Equipment Directive and relevant standard en20344

at present, the French authorities have taken measures to refuse to import the product

for this reason, China labor insurance network suggests that relevant domestic production and export enterprises attach great importance to it

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