EU’s anti dumping duty cancelled, Wenzhou’s shoes export soared by 10%

starting from the 1st of this month, the European Union officially cancelled the anti-dumping duty of 16.5% on Chinese leather shoes, which lasted for five years. Wenzhou shoes, which accounts for more than 10% of China’s footwear export market, finally ushered in the dawn. 1n recent days, a large number of European orders “flew” to Wenzhou shoe enterprises. The reporter learned from Wenzhou shoe leather industry association that at present, the export of Wenzhou shoes to the European Union has increased by 10% compared with the same period last year. 1t is expected that with the “renewal of the leading edge” of European old customers and the coming of new customers, the growth rate will reach more than 20%< Xie Rongfang, Secretary General of Wenzhou shoe leather industry association, said that in the face of "warm welcome", Chinese shoes should return to the EU with a more mature attitude, because while the European Commission announced the abolition of the anti-dumping duty, it also announced that it would closely monitor the export of Chinese shoes to the EU for one year, and would still take appropriate measures if the situation required

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