EU shoe industry abandons antidumping sunset review complaint and interviews corresponding measures

in recent years, the anti-dumping cases against the international footwear industry have been filled with smoke of gunpowder. According to the latest news, the sunset review of anti-dumping, which had been discussed before, has finally come to an end

according to Reuters, the EU footwear industry has given up filing an anti-dumping complaint against imports of leather shoes from China and Vietnam. Vito Artioli, President of the European Union footwear Federation (ECE), said: “we no longer have the support from the EU government when it comes to seeking a review again. 1f we insist on proposing a review, we will definitely lose. So we decided to look for other safeguards. “< However, at the request of the industry, the European Commission promised to take the following measures when the anti-dumping measures expire at the end of March: first, to monitor the data of leather shoes imported from China and Vietnam every week; The second is to closely monitor the status of shoe subsidies in China and Vietnam. Once the evidence is confirmed, a new trade remedy investigation will be launched quickly; Third, support the implementation of mandatory origin identification rules to enhance EU consumers' loyalty to EU products; Fourth, pressure the Chinese government to further open up the high-end shoe market and import more EU footwear products. The article holds that the EU leather shoes case has been controversial. The first anti-dumping duty imposed in 2006 triggered strong opposition from a considerable number of EU Member States, retailers and importers. At the end of 2009, the sunset review decision of the European Commission on the extension of the measures was a tacit agreement based on the premise that 1taly, the representative country of the European Union's shoe industry, no longer filed a new review appeal. However, the European Commission's ruling was immediately appealed to the WTO dispute settlement mechanism by the Chinese government. As the EU's new decision-making mechanism will be beneficial to 1taly and other traditional shoe-making powers in the future, the illegal acts of Asian shoe manufacturers will be severely punished. Today's "bow" of the EU industry does not necessarily mean a good outcome for the Asian shoe industry

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