Every major accident should be deeply rooted

Although strict accountability after the event can’t turn back the clock and avoid major accidents, it can at least serve as an example to alert relevant officials and reduce the occurrence of major accidents caused by man-made disasters. The Supreme People’s Procuratorate has set up a major responsibility accident investigation office to conduct special investigations on major production accidents and traffic accidents in China. According to the person in charge of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, behind such accidents, there are often problems of dereliction of duty and infringement crimes such as abuse of power, dereliction of duty, malpractice for personal gain and so on

in March, major accidents occurred one after another, causing great losses to people’s lives and property. On March 1, a traffic accident occurred on the Jinji Expressway in Jincheng City, Shanxi Province, killing 13 people; On Marc3, a bus out of control in Hezuo City, Gannan Prefecture, Gansu Province, turned out of the road, killing 10 people; On Marc5, a bus caught fire on the way in Jilin City, killing 10 people; On March 6, a rural bus in Nanchong City, Sichuan Province, fell into the water, causing 11 deaths… 1n April, the “4.07” flooding accident in xiahaizi coal mine and the “4.21” underground gas explosion accident in hongtutian coal mine occurred in Yunnan Province alone, causing heavy casualties and property losses

life can not be repeated. Every major accident brings permanent pain to the victims’ families. Major accidents are not dealt with according to the routine, but the aftermath of the accident often shows the routine, which is nothing more than “the leaders attach great importance to it”, “give important instructions”, “rescue the wounded at all costs”, “pacify the families of the dead”, denounce the enterprise and the owner, and require the enterprise and the industry to “draw inferences from one instance”, investigate the potential safety hazards and “prevent the occurrence of major accidents”. Unfortunately, major accidents are far less obedient than subordinates. After a gust of rectification, what should happen still has to happen. The fundamental reason is that the aftermath of a superficial and formalized major accident did not follow the vine to find the culprit

major accidents are accidental, one illegal operation, one small loophole and carelessness may lead to catastrophe, but behind the accident is inevitable, because major public infrastructure construction accidents, mine safety production accidents, fire accidents, traffic accidents and engineering construction accidents are often accompanied by state organ staff abusing their power, dereliction of duty Such ugly phenomena as favoritism and malpractice. The figures provided by the Supreme People’s Procuratorate also positively support this judgment: from 2008 to 2013, the national procuratorial organs investigated and handled 4085 job-related crimes involving malfeasance and 5484 people, especially 685 cases of 1066 people in 2013, up 61.94% and 72.49% respectively

because of the transfer of interests and the collusion between government and business, regulators will hold high their hands and allow enterprises and individuals to operate in violation of regulations; Because of corruption, after a major accident, the officials will try every means to cover up and make the matter smaller; Because with the umbrella, the “people under the umbrella” will have no fear, regard the safety regulations as nothing, and do not take other people’s lives as one thing. For example, in mining, some illegal businessmen directly bribe relevant officials through cash bribes, or invite officials to “buy shares” or give “dry shares” to form a community of interests, so that officials can give up their regulatory responsibilities, acquiesce in and connive at mining without a license, indiscriminate mining and neglecting safe investment. Another example is the big fire of China National Grain Storage Corporation last year, which also caused a series of “rats” and “moths”

after a major accident, the person directly responsible often becomes the “pawn” who loses his or her life and protects his or her car, while the malfeasance officials often use their public power to successfully pass the Customs by means of fraud, non reporting, delayed reporting and false reporting. The only ones involved are “rats” and “tigers”. Therefore, the establishment of the investigation office of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate for major accidents provides the possibility to solve this problem. As long as we firmly grasp the major accidents and dig deep into the causes and personnel behind the major accidents, we will not miss a responsible person. Although strict accountability after the event can’t turn back the clock and avoid major accidents, it can at least serve as an example to alert relevant officials and reduce the occurrence of major accidents caused by man-made disasters

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