Every semester, there are 4 hours of fire safety courses

Yesterday, the reporter learned from the notice on the implementation plan of fire safety work in Guangdong Province in 2014-2015 issued by the general office of Guangdong Provincial People’s government that Guangdong will comprehensively formulate the industry fire safety standards before 2015. Fully implement the requirements of fire safety education in primary and secondary schools with 4 class hours per semester

according to the requirements of the notice, the assessment methods of fire protection work in Guangdong Province should be fully implemented, the municipal and county governments should be promoted to establish and improve the assessment and evaluation mechanism and accountability mechanism of fire protection work, and the assessment results should be reported to the organization and personnel department. Establish the fire safety bad behavior announcement system, promote social units to implement the main responsibility. By the end of 2014, 80% key units should be implemented to implement “registered residence” management and all high-risk units should carry out fire safety assessment. Br / >
strengthen the standardized management of fire safety in the industry, and comprehensively formulate the industry fire safety management standards by the end of 2015

the notice points out that the personal protective equipment for firefighters will be improved as soon as possible. By the end of 2014, all squadrons on duty in the province will be equipped with basic protective equipment and special protective equipment for firefighters, and the fitness rate will reach more than 95%. The general fire station’s fire vehicles meet the minimum standard requirements of “3 + 2” fire fighting and rescue basic combat unit. On this basis, the special service fire station is equipped with one lift jet fire truck, one multi agent combined fire truck and one chemical rescue or chemical prevention and decontamination fire truck. The structure of fire vehicles was optimized, and the proportion of lift, special service and support fire vehicles in each fire brigade basically reached 18%, 22% and 12%

by the end of 2015, at least two fire promotion demonstration streets and two fire theme parks will be built in each prefecture level city above the Pearl River Delta. The fire laws and regulations and fire knowledge will be included in the civil service training, compulsory education and vocational training. By the end of 2015, the implementation rate of fire safety education in primary and secondary schools will reach 100%, and the requirement of 4 class hours of fire safety education per semester will be fully implemented

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