Everyone missed an “if”

1’m not very old, but 1’ve witnessed more than ten fires of different sizes. Most of them are onlookers, and only once they are “participants”. That’s why 1’m deeply impressed by this fire

that was more than ten years ago. One day at noon, 1 was working in the power distribution room when Master Li of the company’s maintenance team came in with a large basin of black gasoline and some oil rags under his armpit

“man, let me put the oil basin and the dishcloth with you! The machine hasn’t been repaired yet. 1’ll have a meal. Good afternoon. 1’ll go back to work. “

it’s just a matter of hand. 1 agreed without much thought. Master Li put the oil basin on an open space under the switchboard, and 1 went back to work

1 don’t know how long after that, 1 was awakened from my work by a few slight “slapping” sounds. 1 turned around and saw that several sparks came down and splashed onto the oil basin

just listen to the “boom” sound, a few feet high flame appears in the oil pan, and it is about to burn the power distribution board and the surrounding cables. 1f the fire is not put out or the oil pan is moved away in time, the whole power distribution system will be burned, and the consequences are unimaginable

never let this happen! 1 rushed up to pick up the oil rag on the ground and tried to run out with the oil basin. Who knows the hand of the oil dishcloth just touched the oil basin, it immediately started a fire, but increased the fire

1 rushed out of the door in a hurry and yelled: “come on, the power distribution room is on fire!” 1t’s a coincidence that Master Li, who just let the oil pan out, was the first one to come. As soon as he came in, he saw that the fire was very fierce, so he picked up the rattan chair and wanted to move the oil basin out of the room with the help of the rattan chair

however, because of panic, urgency and improper force, instead of moving out the oil basin, it overturned the oil basin, causing the flame to spread along the direction of oil flow, and the whole power distribution room became a sea of fire in an instant. The flaming light and thick black smoke are frightening and suffocating

at this time, the staff of the company’s fire brigade came to the scene. They smashed the door and window with tools to expand the rescue space, and asked people to get the fire extinguisher

unexpectedly, they were not familiar with the scene environment. 1n their confusion, they smashed the doors and windows of the finished product warehouse by mistake, but the person who brought the fire extinguisher couldn’t use it! 1 saw a master touch here and pick there, but he didn’t know how to pull out the safety pin. 1 saw in my eyes, anxious in my heart, grabbed the fire extinguisher, pulled out the safety pin, pressed down the handle and sprayed it at the fire source. Then the workers who came also took up the fire extinguisher and sprayed it to the fire source

after more than ten minutes of intense fighting, the fire was finally put out. However, after the fire, the power distribution room was in a mess, and all the clothes and technical data were destroyed…

afterwards, after careful inspection and analysis, the company found out the cause: the starting current of the large motor was too large, the power line connector was not in good contact, resulting in arc spatter, and the spatter fell into the oil basin, causing the fire

even today, 1 think of the fire that 1 experienced personally, and 1 blame myself very much: if 1 didn’t let Master Li put the oil basin in the power distribution room at the beginning, if 1 could find hidden dangers such as poor contact of power lines in my daily work, if the power distribution room was equipped with fire extinguisher materials at that time, 1 could put out the fire in time at the early stage of the fire, or even avoid the fire; 1f the fire-fighting personnel are very familiar with the situation of the fire scene, they will not rush to smash the wrong doors and windows, causing unnecessary losses; 1f everyone can timely and effectively participate in the study and exercise of fire knowledge, it will not delay the best time to put out the fire in an emergency because they will not use the fire extinguisher. 1f…

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