Excellent equipment for foot protection — protective shoes for labor protection

When it comes to labor protection articles, you may first think of safety helmets, safety belts and gloves, while the labor protection shoes and safety boots used to protect workers’ feet are often ignored. However, in fact, when workers use tools, operate machines and carry materials, their feet will touch heavy, hard and angular objects at any time, so that they will be smashed, stabbed or crushed; Moreover, if the feet do not stand firmly, the body will lose its balance and change the normal working posture, thus causing accidents. Therefore, the safety equipment to protect feet is very important

labor protection shoes are the general name of safety shoes and protective shoes, which generally refer to the shoes used in different workplaces to protect feet and legs from foreseeable injury

according to the meaning of labor protection shoes, we can know that they have a variety of protection functions:

1. According to the oil resistance standard test, the volume increase is not more than 12%. 1f the volume does not increase but decreases, the reduction is greater than 0.5% of the original volume or the increase of hardness is greater than 10 (Shore A), the crack growth is not greater than 7mm after 40000 times of flexion according to GB / t3903.1

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