Exclusive: Top 10 keywords of PPE industry in 2020

As a new media platform for the PPE industry, the labor insurance company has screened out ten key words of the industry year in the 2020 platform word retrieval. The words come from the official website of the industry association in 2020, the official micro blog of China labor insurance company, and the labor insurance company platform, reflecting the annual focus of the industry from another perspective< The novel coronavirus pneumonia is the main ten key words of br/>
industry in 2020. 1t is interpreted by


. 1n 2020, the new crown pneumonia spread worldwide, which has profound impact on global economic and social life: “fast” and “slow”, “survival” and “development”, “Globalization” and “double cycle”, “epidemic prevention and control” and “recovery economy”, which are intertwined. Perplexing… COV1D-19 has pushed the world too much. Almost overnight, we all became “digital residents”. Small and medium-sized enterprises went all out to help themselves in the crisis, and large enterprises showed greater responsibility

at the same time, the word “Mask” has been put on the hot search frequently, and the labor insurance people also stand in the spotlight. The people who get masks get the world. The huge user base and the market gap have benefited a considerable number of entrants. With the outbreak of the epidemic worldwide, domestic brands are taking advantage of the situation, and masks have become a hot word of the year

although one side of the mask is only the size of a slap, behind it is a huge network of petrochemical, plastic products, textile and medical industries. The characteristics of up-down coupling of manufacturing industry determine its interlocking ecological chain. Over the past decade, SARS, avian influenza and haze have been like a trilogy, implanting the topic of masks into Chinese people’s daily life inch by inch, and forging a powerful mask production capacity. When COV1D-19 broke out in 2020, the market was all too high. The demand for non-woven fabric, melt blown fabric, ear band, nose bar and other mask raw materials is growing at multiple levels every day. The price of meltblown cloth increased from 20000 to 700000, the bridge of nose increased by 10 times, the earband increased by 15 times, the labor increased by 20 times, the price of machine increased by 10 times, and the price of mechanic increased by 50 times…

with the end of the epidemic, the huge production capacity fell into difficulties due to the cliff like decline of market demand: investment can not be recovered, workers are dismissed, equipment and raw materials are sold cheaply, The chicken feather in this area added a heavy burden to the anti epidemic war< 1n early 2019, the war of prevention and control of epidemic situation started rapidly in the whole country. The party and the government gathered the resources of the whole country and took the most comprehensive and strict prevention and control measures to fight against the epidemic. All mask manufacturers received the production task of fully guaranteeing the first line at the first time, and the inventory of distribution enterprises was soon sold out. On the one hand, it was controlled by the government, on the other hand, it was orders from dealers, and it became a temporary phenomenon for enterprises to pick up all kinds of goods. However, in the end, the world is in a dilemma. A considerable number of brand enterprises have lost the support of agents due to supply reasons medical masks, protective clothing and other protective equipment are important strategic materials for epidemic prevention and control, and there are a lot of gaps in each area of epidemic prevention. After the outbreak of the epidemic, all manufacturers are faced with various problems, such as the shortage of employees, technicians unable to arrive in time, and the shortage of raw materials the shortage of workers and staff is a common problem faced by many enterprises. The outbreak of pneumonia by New Coronavirus coincided with the long holiday of Spring Festival. Most enterprises were in a stagnation and half stagnation. At that time, there were not enough front-line production workers. Although some holiday employees were recalled on the second day of junior high school, workers from Hubei and other places were temporarily unable to come to work, according to the person in charge of Zhongke beisida Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. 1n order to ensure the output, mask manufacturers have overcome many difficulties the situation of difficult and expensive delivery and shortage of masks is also related to the unified allocation of production capacity by the government. 1n the case of relative shortage of resources, priority should be given to ensuring the supply of front-line medical staff and areas with serious epidemic situation. According to the relevant person in charge of a mask enterprise, 90% of the masks produced by the company are purchased by the local government, mainly to meet the needs of the most needed groups. This special period of supply method greatly reduces the market supply. However, the production capacity allocated by enterprises themselves is faced with the difficulty of poor logistics. Many enterprises said that due to the Spring Festival holiday and the epidemic situation, most of the logistics companies have closed down, only SF can deliver goods, but there are few people left, and it is difficult to be as fast as usual. 1n addition, the price of delivery is also rising, such as SF standard express, the weight of each box of masks is about 20 kg, but the freight has risen to more than 200 yuan to more than 300 yuan if raw materials are in a hurry, it’s hard for a skillful woman to cook without rice. What restricts the manufacturers of protective products most is the shortage of raw materials. The shortage of raw materials is accompanied by the rising prices of raw materials. 1n the case that the prices of mask products do not rise, many enterprises are “producing at a loss”, but the most headache for enterprises is not the rising prices” We can all accept that the price of raw materials is a little higher. 1n case of an epidemic, enterprises should bear social responsibility. However, all kinds of raw materials and even packaging materials for the production of protection products and disinfection products are not allowed to be sold to the manufacturers in other provinces, so they cannot circulate smoothly. The original smooth industrial supply chain is interrupted, the production and supply efficiency is greatly reduced, and the market demand cannot be met. ” Ou Jie technology, a person in charge of anonymity, told the author. The person in charge said that taking masks as an example, the outer packaging of masks produced by the company are all from areas outside Zhejiang Province. Due to the cross provincial control of raw materials in other provinces, the company now has 100000 packaging cartons for masks and 500000 disinfectant products, resulting in the failure of external delivery of products. 1n addition to packaging, the materials of the ear band of the mask, the containers and bottles of the disinfectant, the raw materials of the alcohol and so on all face similar problems cooperation means joint development of new products / technologies, exchange of data and information, sharing of market opportunities and sharing of risks. 1n the environment of supply chain cooperation, manufacturers no longer only consider the price when choosing suppliers, but pay more attention to the suppliers who can cooperate well in high-quality service, technological innovation, product design and other aspects. Under the current industrial system, no company can complete an industrial chain by itself. There must be upstream and downstream supporting enterprises. Therefore, the most important thing in a special period is to understand each other and establish a stable cooperative relationship< During the epidemic period, the original production enterprises increased their production capacity to a certain extent, and even a considerable number of enterprises without mask production line and protective clothing production line began to change production. A large number of enterprises received the notice and temporarily increased the production of masks and protective clothing in this fight against the virus, the upstream and downstream enterprises of related industries have mobilized all resources. However, many enterprises are facing the problem of where to go after the end of the epidemic. According to the investigation, some enterprises continue to get support after the end of the epidemic, expand the factory building on the basis of the original production, extend the downstream of the production line, improve the enterprise infrastructure, and expand the volume, which has laid the foundation for the high-quality rise of domestic brands. There are also quite a number of small and medium-sized enterprises that have been struggling slightly before the epidemic. Although the sales volume doubled during the epidemic period, due to the large number of entrants, the saturation of the market and the lack of accumulation of original customers, the follow-up is weak< 4. After the stable epidemic situation in China, the whole PPE industry began to resume work. With the exhibition of emergency and epidemic prevention materials held in various cities one after another, there were many emergency exhibitions in the same period< in recent years, the professional exhibitions of labor protection products industry also have an increasing trend. The relatively influential China labor protection products fair is a national large-scale international exhibition of labor protection products industry jointly sponsored by China Textile Business Association and Dusseldorf Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., which is held in spring and autumn every year. The Spring Fair is fixed in Shanghai, Autumn will be a national tour. Since 1966, it has successfully held 100 sessions. With more than 1500 exhibitors, more than 70000 square meters of exhibition area and more than 30000 professional visitors, it is the leading large-scale trade, exchange and communication platform in the industry< On April 14-16, 2021, 100plus China labor protection products fair and 2021 China 1nternational Occupational Safety and epidemic prevention materials Expo will be launched in Shanghai New 1nternational Expo Center. As the meaning of the title of this exhibition, “plus” represents a more comprehensive exhibition scope, more scientific and technological products, more authoritative industry trend and more attractive exhibition< 5. The price rise of nitrile gloves began when coronavirus was first found. To curb its spread, the blockade began in February. Disposable nitrile gloves have become a shortage of materials. China has produced most of the world's nitrile gloves, which are widely used in the catering industry and medical. As the factory closed for a long time, the production of nitrile gloves actually stopped. When the factory resumed the production line, the production rate was very slow. At the beginning, many of these nitrile gloves were being sold in China, which limited the export. Some foreign buyers wanted to buy a large number of Disposable Nitrile Gloves from China, but the Chinese factories had already full orders. They could only raise the price and let the factory arrange or insert orders in advance, This led to the price rise of nitrile gloves we expect that it will be difficult for the glove Market to return to normal in 2021, and the re opening of the United States and other economies may further aggravate the shortage situation, as it will create more demand due to the increasing concern about health and safety and the increased use of nitrile gloves in health care and food services. Nitrile gloves are becoming an important part of our daily life according to the data of the rubber glove manufacturers association of Malaysia, Malaysia is one of the major exporters of disposable gloves in the world. Nearly two thirds of the global medical gloves are supplied by Malaysian Manufacturers, and nitrile gloves company accounts for one fourth of the global market share. Malaysia announced the closure of most of its nitrile glove factories, accounting for 11% of the world’s production capacity. At present, domestic manufacturers have started to build nitrile glove production lines one after another. 1t is not clear whether the global epidemic and huge market gap will become the next wave of wind after masks< (6) honor after the stable epidemic situation, the relevant industry chain enterprises who have the courage to take social responsibility in the epidemic situation have been awarded the awards. 1t is precisely because of their moral responsibility and excellent performance that the PPE industry has won the high attention of the whole society< Novel coronavirus pneumonia, labor day novel coronavirus pneumonia, br/>
Jiande City, Korea and America Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. has won the certificate of Hangzhou Labor Day awards, won the Zhejiang provincial anti new crown pneumonia epidemic group, and Lin Jinxiang, the chairman of the Zhejiang group, was named the top 30 of the Fengyun and Zhejiang businessmen.

Lin Jinxiang is the national advanced individual against the new crown pneumonia. He recalled his employees at three times of salary for mask production at the first time, and urgently adjusted the production line. The daily output increased from 20000 to more than 1 million, and 100% of the national allocation task was completed. During the anti epidemic period, he also helped many enterprises switch to the mask industry, and organized personnel to work in the provincial and municipal level successively

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