Experience of netizens: it is not enough to wear oil proof gloves

One morning nine years ago, 1 was a quality inspector in the oil depot. The monitor arranged for me to take samples. Blue sky, the mood is particularly comfortable, soon found the goal

there is no sampler, so we have to extract samples from the oil prevention flange of the pipeline at the oil distribution station. As far as 1’m concerned, it’s a piece of cake to take an oil sample. Just open the valve with a pipe wrench and put the sampling bottle on the “receiving” position

open the valve lightly, and the oil drips shyly for a few times, so we make more efforts. Although the oil sample is normal temperature, we have brand-new labor protection gloves to protect our body. 1 hummed a little song, eyes moved to it, suddenly feel a cold back of the hand. Looking down, the oil spewed out and hit the mouth of the sampling bottle, splashing on the gloves. Quickly subconsciously take off the gloves, the back of the hand or smell the strong smell of diesel

This reminds me: in the sampling work, it is not enough to only wear labor protection gloves, but also need to pay attention and take every step seriously

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