experience the risk of blindness due to no protective equipment

One stab ball hit the eye, and 16 chestnut spikes penetrated into the cornea

on the national day self driving tour to Dawu, Mr. Xu, 55, experienced “farmhouse fun” playing chestnut, and was accidentally hit in the eye by the falling stab ball. Yesterday, Mr. Xu rushed to the ophthalmology department of Tongji Hospital in Wuhan and removed the needle through surgery, but his vision was difficult to recover

on the 6th, the rain stopped in Wuhan. After staying at home for five days, Mr. Xu took his family and invited several friends to drive to Dawu. When 1 was eating at farmhouse, 1 heard that there were more than 10 chestnut trees planted on Houshan, and they were all mature. On the spur of the moment, he asked farmers to grow bamboo poles and went up the mountain. He kept beating the branches with his head up, and a huge thorn ball wrapped with chestnut hit his left eye impartially, which immediately made him feel painful and burst into tears

the local hospital removed 11 thorns from Mr. Xu’s cornea. After returning home, Mr. Xu still felt pain in his eyes. He arrived at Tongji Hospital early yesterday morning. Ophthalmology Professor Liu hengming received the examination, Mr. Xu’s vision has even less than 0.1. He looked carefully under the slit lamp, and found three small burrs deep in the cornea. Unfortunately, two more burrs penetrated the cornea directly and ran to the anterior chamber. 1f not operated in time, endophthalmitis will soon lead to blindness; But if the puncture is too deep, the operation is very difficult, and a little carelessness will cause eyeball perforation

Mr. Xu was immediately pushed into the operating room. Under the microscope, Liu hengming carefully completed the operation

“once the puncture is taken out, the inflammation can be controlled quickly, but the toxic reaction is great.” He told reporters with regret that the scar left on the cornea seriously affected the vision. Even if it was completely good, the vision could not be recovered

the reporter learned from many large hospitals in Wuhan that many patients who were stabbed in the eyes by chestnuts would be treated every year during the chestnut ripening season around the Mid Autumn Festival” During the national day, we have met seven or eight patients who have come to “pull out the thorn.” According to Liu hengming, chestnut is wrapped in the shell of dense spines. The spines are hard, small and poisonous. After entering the eye, it is easy to pierce the cornea or even the lens, causing fungal infection, leading to corneal ulcer, keratitis and endophthalmitis. 1f it is not handled in time, there is a risk of blindness

he reminded that protective measures must be taken when picking chestnuts, such as wearing protective glasses and wide brimmed hat or motorcycle helmet. 1f the eye is stabbed, it must be sent to the doctor immediately, and must not be rubbed

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