Expert tips: during the day to see the welding at night why eye pain

Welding workers usually wear protective glasses to work, but the workers who help them don’t necessarily wear protective glasses. They think to themselves: anyway, 1 just support the things to be welded. 1t probably doesn’t matter. But in the middle of the night, my eyes began to ache. 1t seemed that a handful of sand had been rubbed into my eyes. As soon as 1 opened my eyes, 1 burst into tears and couldn’t sleep. So 1 had to get up and go to the hospital to see the emergency department. This is electro optic ophthalmia

electro optic ophthalmia is caused by ultraviolet radiation. All work related to ultraviolet radiation should be protected. For example, electric welding, gas welding and laboratory ultraviolet lamps can emit ultraviolet light. As we all know, ultraviolet is a kind of invisible ray with shorter wavelength than visible light, and ultraviolet with wavelength of 3200-2500 angstrom is most easily absorbed by cornea and conjunctival epithelium, causing photoelectric damage and necrosis

the onset of electro-optic ophthalmia is characterized by 6-8 hours after ultraviolet irradiation. This period of time is called incubation period, because after ultraviolet rays act on the cornea and conjunctiva, some epithelial cells will necrosis and fall off after 6-8 hours. At this time, the patient’s symptoms are the most serious. The patient’s face and eyelids were red and swollen, conjunctiva was congested and edematous, and the corneal epithelium at the palpebral fissure was exfoliated in spot or small piece. The longer exposure to UV, the more epithelial cells shed. As the epithelium falls off, the nerve endings between the epithelium are exposed and stimulated, which is the cause of eye pain

the principle of treatment is very simple. Experts remind you that as long as you stop exposure to ultraviolet light, the cornea and conjunctival epithelium will grow well in 24 hours. Therefore, it is necessary to drop analgesic eye drops to relieve the pain of patients. The most common one is 0.5% Caine eye drops. When the pain occurs, drop 1 drop. Can also do cold compress and drop anti-inflammatory eye drops to prevent infection. There are also drops of fresh human milk and acupuncture treatment. Patients are usually asymptomatic the next day

it should be noted that do not abuse the eye drops of Caine for pain relief, because it is irritating and hinders the growth of epithelium. 1f your eyes don’t hurt, try not to drop them. When the symptoms subside the next day, it should be stopped. Of course, the most important thing is to do a good job in prevention, in strict accordance with the operating procedures, wear protective glasses, avoid ultraviolet radiation eye, in order to prevent the occurrence of electro-optic ophthalmia

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