expert tips for Chuzhou to enter catkins season: wear masks and glasses

As the weather gets warmer, the flowers are in full bloom, and the willows are turning green, the “white hairs” flying all over the streets of chucheng are also “coming as promised”, which makes the daily life of the citizens suffer a lot. The reporter learned that “white hair” is mainly poplar, catkins, susceptible people contact or inhalation, prone to sneezing, skin allergy, itching eyes and other symptoms” Does Yang, catkins have harm to human body” Besides wearing masks, are there any other protective measures? “” Does the relevant department of Chuzhou City have any governance methods for this? ” Recently, many people called our magazine to express their concern. With these questions, the reporter visited the streets of chucheng yesterday, and interviewed the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Forestry Bureau and the dermatologist of Chuzhou first people’s hospital

flying catkins fall to the ground near Chengye home, Zhongdu Avenue, chucheng

on site visit

annoying “white hair” flying all over the sky

when the reporter visited fengle Avenue, copper turntable, Zhongdu Avenue and other sections of chucheng, he saw that Yang and LiuXu were flying all over the sky, scattered all over the place, and most of the past citizens hid their noses

“dry eyes, red and itchy face.” 1n recent days, the weather turned fine. Ms. Zeng, a citizen, took her child to play outdoors for a long time. When she came back, she felt something was wrong. She was very allergic and had to go to the hospital for treatment” 1 have a sensitive constitution. At this time of the year, 1’m sure 1’ll be hit. My face is peeling, red and swollen. 1t’s itchy and hot. The more 1 scratch, the more serious it is. ” Ms. TSE said that she had to make complaints about “going all out” before going out.

experts give advice

vulnerable groups should be well protected

at present, Chuzhou City is in the flourishing period of poplar and catkins, and there are not a few people who are allergic to poplar and catkins like Ms. Zeng. Zhang Xiaoling, chief physician of Dermatology Department of Chuzhou first people’s Hospital, told reporters that from the current reception situation, recently, more patients with skin allergy caused by poplar and catkins than in other seasons, mainly manifested in facial dermatitis, skin itching, erythema and even edema

Zhang Xiaoling reminded the public: stay outdoors as little as possible during the day; When going out, pay attention to wear masks and glasses, wear a long sleeve thin coat to avoid bare arms; Develop good living habits, such as keeping the home environment clean and washing hands frequently; 1f the allergy is serious, seek medical attention in time< According to the person in charge of relevant departments of the Municipal Forestry Bureau, in order to effectively control poplar and willow catkins, since 2012, the Municipal Forestry Bureau has made great efforts to increase the diversity of tree species in land greening and carried out the "one million mu forest growth project" in Chuzhou City. 1n five years, more than 1.4 million mu of new afforestation area has been added in the city, Among them, more than 80% of the afforestation is based on the development of characteristic industrial forest, and the planting area of poplar is controlled from the source; Secondly, according to the wishes of forest farmers, the forestry authorities at all levels in the city, combined with the national policy adjustment of returning farmland to forest and the management of cutting quota system, further increased the intensity of poplar cutting and updating; At the same time, the Department of landscape architecture will reduce the allocation of poplar trees in urban areas, replace the existing poplar trees in an orderly way, and take effective technical measures to control the local areas with serious flocculent; 1n addition, the Municipal Forestry Bureau will actively cooperate with the relevant scientific research departments of the province to introduce and promote non floating boll hybrid varieties to the places where poplar trees really need to be planted in the future, so as to reduce the environmental pollution caused by flying boll(1ntern reporter Tang Juewen / photo)