Experts introduce the purchase and use of protective products

protective clothing is a kind of body protective equipment in labor protection articles, which is widely used in various workplaces. Protective clothing is divided into general protective clothing and special labor protective clothing

1. classification of special labor protective clothing

special labor protective clothing can be divided into anti-static clothing, anti-static wool knitted clothing, flame retardant clothing and acid-base chemical protective clothing according to the protection performance and material

1) anti static clothing: in order to prevent the accumulation of static electricity on clothing, anti-static fabric is used as the fabric, and the work clothes are sewn according to the specified style and structure

2) anti static wool knitted clothing: it is a kind of knitted clothing which can prevent the accumulation of static electricity and is made of anti-static fiber yarn, wool yarn, cotton yarn, acrylic fiber and other chemical fibers with roughly equal spacing or even proportion

3) flame retardant clothing: protective clothing that can prevent itself from being ignited, flaming and smoldering within a certain period of time after contacting with flame and hot objects

4) protective clothing for acid and alkali chemicals: protective clothing for liquid acid and alkali chemicals used by workers in industrial workplaces2. Selection of protective clothing. 1. Select the appropriate variety according to the need. 2; At the same time, we should also consider the severity of risk factors and choose different protection levels2. Select qualified products

special labor protection clothing products belong to special labor protection articles. The country implements the industrial product production license system and safety mark certification system. At the time of purchase, it is necessary to first confirm whether the manufacturer of the product has the industrial product production license (not required for imported goods) and safety mark certificate issued by the state. On this basis, check whether the product has the name and address of the manufacturer, the production license number, the safety mark certification number, the production date, the product standard number, and whether the product certificate and operation manual are attached. 1n addition, the distributor should be required to show the test report of the batch of products and check the validity period

3. Check the appearance structure and quality

when purchasing, check the appearance structure and quality of the protective clothing, and try it on. The size of the clothing should conform to the wearer’s figure, the surface of the clothing should be free of stains, and the accessories should be complete< 3. The use of protective clothing 1. The clothing should meet the requirements, and the collar, cuffs and hem should be fastened tightly, one for one person, not for public use

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