Experts recruit textile and garment industry to upgrade

yesterday (January 7) afternoon, nearly 100 textile and garment enterprise managers, technology or brand leaders in Shenzhen gathered in huanancheng to listen to the independent preferential policies of the municipal government to support enterprise transformation and industrial technology progress taught by experts from the Municipal Science, industry, trade and information Technology Commission, As well as the problems and Countermeasures of brand trademark protection taught by experts of Shenzhen zhongziland 1ntellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. in combination with the brand trademark situation of Shenzhen textile and garment enterprises and typical cases

the reporter learned that the lecture was supported by Shenzhen Science, industry, trade and 1nformation Technology Commission, sponsored by Shenzhen Textile 1ndustry Association and co sponsored by South China city and other units. Zhang Jingsheng, executive vice president of Shenzhen Textile 1ndustry Association, revealed that the Shenzhen municipal government has always attached importance to advantageous traditional industries, and is considering revising relevant policies to support the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, support headquarters enterprises with technological progress, brand trademarks, R & D, design and marketing, and speed up the elimination of backward productivity. The transformation and upgrading of traditional industries such as textile and clothing are under great pressure< According to Zhang Jingsheng, Shenzhen's textile industry has an important position in China, with five Chinese famous brands, two famous Chinese trademarks, a number of provincial and municipal famous brands and three influential professional exhibitions. 1n 2009, the output value of Shenzhen's textile industry is expected to reach 100 billion yuan. A number of traditional industries such as fuana and virgin have emerged, and they have stepped onto the high and new road. With the successful brand strategy, they have promoted the industrial upgrading and become the typical leading enterprises in China's home textile industry. Relying on industrial upgrading and technological innovation, even in the case of export slump brought about by the financial crisis, their orders are still overwhelmed Zhang Jingsheng hoped that the participating enterprises would seize the opportunity to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and meet the challenges

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