experts remind us to pay attention to three points when choosing anti haze mask

The harm degree of haze to everyone is not the same. There are individuals who are particularly sensitive to haze in the population, such as children, the elderly, chronic heart and lung disease, low socio-economic status (such as low educational background or income level), diabetes and obesity

What are the effects of PM2.5 on human body? PM2.5 can block the local tissue and decrease the ventilation function of local bronchus and the ventilation function of bronchioles and alveoli. PM2.5 adsorbed harmful gases can stimulate or corrode the alveolar wall. Long term effect can damage the defense function of respiratory tract, and cause bronchitis, emphysema and bronchial asthma. A large number of epidemiological studies have found that both short-term and long-term exposure to high concentration particulate matter can increase the incidence rate and mortality of respiratory diseases in the population. Br / >
Professor Wang Jian, director of respiratory department of Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital, said that compared with adults, children, as a group with weak physique, are more vulnerable to harmful substances in the air in haze weather due to their incomplete development of various organ systems, low immune level and weak resistance. At the same time, children’s nasal cavity is shorter than adults, the upper airway defense ability is weak, and they are more sensitive to adverse weather. 1n the haze weather, PM2.5 particles carry a variety of harmful substances easily induce rhinitis, bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory diseases, and also cause damage to the respiratory system mucosa

of course, it does not mean that when the concentration of PM2.5 increases, these respiratory diseases will appear in a swarm. Bao Yixiao, director of the Department of Pediatrics of Xinhua Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of medicine, said: “some phenomena remind us that the impact of PM2.5 has a lag effect.” 1n other words, for example, on the day of high PM2.5 concentration, there are not many asthma patients” We have been in touch with this. When PM2.5 is high, many people will come to ask if the number of outpatients has increased significantly. 1n fact, this is not the case. “

studies have shown that the effect of PM2.5 will appear after one week. However, it is not necessary to say the extent of the impact. Sometimes hot and sometimes cold weather is the main reason for the incidence rate of respiratory diseases. The influence of haze has many factors, but it is not necessarily the decisive factor

for parents, the most important thing is to take protective measures for their children. 1n the haze days, try to reduce going out. 1f you want to go out, you should also choose a good quality mask to block PM2.5. How to choose a mask? Zhao zhexin, an engineer of children’s anti haze products, pointed out that three points should be paid attention to:

first, efficient PM2.5 filter membrane materials can effectively prevent PM2.5 and fine particles from entering the body

Second, good facial fit to prevent air leakage. Because the facial structure is three-dimensional, and each person’s facial contour is quite different, the traditional anti haze mask is difficult to achieve close fit with the face, which leads to air leakage and greatly reduces the anti haze effect

thirdly, it has good air permeability and can be worn for a long time without suffocation. Most of the anti haze masks on the market are industrial dust masks. Although they have good filtration efficiency, they have great respiratory resistance and should not be worn for more than half an hour at a time. Therefore, careful consideration should be given to their selection

of course, we need to remind that all anti haze products need to be replaced in time, otherwise they will not play a protective role

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