Experts suggest that people should wear masks after the explosion in Qingdao

As of today, the explosion caused by an oil pipeline of Sinopec Huangwei oil pipeline in Huangdao District of Qingdao still affects everyone’s heart. The cars torn into two sections by the explosion and the road that has become a river seem to be accusing of this disaster. Like the 2010 Dalian oil pipeline explosion, the harmful gas produced by this accident will cause unpredictable harm to the local ecology< According to the Publicity Department of the working committee of Qingdao Economic and Technological Development Zone (Huangdao District), about 18000 people have been evacuated from 12 communities in Huangdao District. Dexian Road Primary School in the West has given out masks to students. 1n spite of this, the smoke from the Huangdao fire is still gradually spreading towards the urban area according to the staff of Qingdao Environmental Protection Bureau, at the northwest side of the intersection of Penghu 1sland street and Huaihe Road in the Development Zone, the concentration of total non methane hydrocarbons in the atmosphere is 2 mg / m3, and the national standard is no more than 4 mg / M3. 1n the northwest of the intersection of Penghu 1sland street and Huaihe East Road in the Development Zone, Qingdao Environmental Protection Bureau measured the concentration of total non methane hydrocarbons in the atmosphere as 2mg / m3. Another point is the intersection of Huaihe Road and Penghu 1sland street, which measured the concentration as 1mg / m3, and the standard is 4mg / m3. 1t can be seen that the monitoring data is still in the safe range the Qingdao Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau recently released the preliminary report on environmental emergencies caused by oil pipeline leakage in Qingdao Development Zone on its official microblog, saying that the monitoring shows that the concentration of non methane hydrocarbons in the downwind direction has not exceeded the standard. 1t is understood that non methane hydrocarbons usually refer to all volatile hydrocarbons except methane. When the concentration of non methane hydrocarbons in the atmosphere exceeds a certain level, it is harmful to human health directly. Under certain conditions, photochemical smog can also be produced by sunlight, which can cause harm to the environment and human beings in this regard, the reporter of China labor insurance network interviewed the relevant experts of the Environmental Protection Bureau. The experts said that due to the explosion, some irritating gases will diffuse with the wind, and the toxic effect of these gases on the body has different degrees of irritation to the eyes, respiratory tract mucosa and skin. Generally, it is mainly local damage, but it can also cause systemic reaction for this reason, experts suggest that local people should strengthen personal protection, and properly wear gas masks or protective masks or apply skin protective ointment to strengthen health protection China labor insurance net

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