experts teach you how to buy anti haze masks. The protection effect of ordinary masks is not enough

Does the anti haze mask on the market really prevent haze? What is the principle of anti haze mask? What’s the point of wearing a mask? 1n this regard, Yang Xiyao, director of the hospital sense Office of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Anyi University, gave an answer

“scientific research shows that a simple cotton mask can capture 28% of the particles, ordinary medical masks can block 40% to 80% of the particles, and N95 masks can block more than 95% of the particles.” Yang Xiyao said that the principle of anti haze mask is not blocking, but electrostatic adsorption. When the particles are very small, the physical barrier has little effect on them. What works is that when the particles pass through the filter, they are absorbed by the filter under the effects of Brownian diffusion, filter interception, inertial collision and gravity sedimentation

as for how to choose the anti haze mask, Yang Xiyao said that in the haze weather, the air pressure is low, and there are a lot of dust, bacteria and other harmful substances suspended in the air. These substances can directly enter the human body through inhalation, adhere to the inhalation duct and alveoli, and make some diseases acute or chronic. Therefore, it is necessary to wear masks for protection. However, not all masks can prevent haze. At present, ordinary masks and disposable non-woven masks on the market have a certain blocking effect on dust and large particles. However, for haze, PM2.5, bacteria, viruses and other microbial particles, the protective effect is not enough. 1t is recommended to buy N95 and n99 masks with haze prevention level

ZHENG Hui Xin’an evening news Anhui netuniversity Anhui client reporter Ye Xiao

. Tips haze weather precautions

1. Open less windows. Many people are used to opening windows for ventilation, but if the haze does not disperse all day, should we open windows for ventilation or close doors and windows? Experts believe that when there is haze, it is not recommended to open windows sooner or later for ventilation, and it is better to wait for the sun to come out2. Supplement vitamin D appropriately. 1n the season of more fog and less sunshine, due to insufficient ultraviolet radiation, the production of vitamin D in the human body is insufficient. Some people will also have mental laziness, depression and other phenomena. 1f necessary, they can supplement some vitamin D

3. Have a light diet and drink plenty of water. 1n foggy days, the diet should be light, easy to digest and rich in vitamins. Drink more water and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. This can not only supplement various vitamins and inorganic salts, but also play the role of moistening the lung and eliminating dryness, eliminating phlegm and relieving cough, strengthening the spleen and kidney. To eat less stimulating food, eat more pears, loquats, oranges, oranges and so on

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