experts teach you to use safety shoes correctly, effectively avoid opening glue and prolong the protective life

The two main components of safety shoes are upper and sole. The upper and sole should be combined into shoes, which must be treated with glue, and then combined together by means of Pu perfusion, cold bonding and sewing. Therefore, the main reasons for the opening are related to the selection of raw materials, the use of glue, the production process and other factors. Shoes in the purchase after wearing for a period of time, due to continuous twists and turns, prone to local small area of opening, safety shoes also have the same phenomenon. How to avoid large-scale opening of safety shoes and prolong the service life of safety shoes is analyzed from the production process and the use of consumers

Wenzhou Xumei: “Daden” b0104

1) reasons for the production process of safety shoes gluing:

1. 1mproper treatment of vamp: improper use of treatment agent and glue, different leather needs to be tested with treatment agent and glue,

adhesion force is qualified before use. The upper was not polished in place and the leather surface was not completely damaged

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