Exploration: is it useful for pregnant women to wear protective clothing?

at present, we are most concerned about the computer problem, because most of the work requires 8 hours in front of the computer, so we are very worried about the impact of computer radiation on the fetus. What should computer users prepare

computers have been in our life for many years. According to some current research reports, in fact, the radiation of computers is very small, so it should be safe for pregnant women

according to the existing research data at home and abroad, there is not enough data to prove that the application of computer will cause adverse harm to the fetus or pregnant women. Now we do encounter a lot of pregnant women consultation in clinic, asking whether the computer will affect pregnant women. At present, there is no data to confirm that the computer will affect pregnant women, so we can rest assured of the application

as early as a few years ago, when 1 was abroad, 1 also communicated with the corresponding experts. Their point of view is that the amount of radiation caused by the computers we use now, especially this kind of LCD screen computer, is very small, which may be far less than the signal radiation when we connect the mobile phone

is it necessary for us to wear protective clothing? Now 1 see that many pregnant women wear protective clothing no matter when they go to work or after work. Some women even wear protective clothing when they are ready to get pregnant. 1s this necessary

there is no data to show that wearing and not wearing protective clothing can bring significant differences to pregnant women or fetus. 1 don’t see foreign pregnant women looking for protective clothing, but there are many pregnant women wearing protective clothing in China. Two years ago, an American doctor came to us. She was very surprised and said why pregnant women wear this. 1 think your starting point is good, and you hope to prevent some radiation, but it can play a big role in the end, because since there is not a lot of scientific research data in this area, 1 can’t comment more here

mobile phones still have a certain impact on pregnant women. What radiation sources should we pay attention to in our daily life

comparing the radiation intensity of a computer with that of a mobile phone, the radiation amount of a mobile phone may be relatively large, but after all, the contact time of a mobile phone is short, so whether such a short contact will have a certain impact, there is no exact data report now. Other issues like copiers or microwave ovens that you are more concerned about. 1f you use the microwave ovens that have passed the national security inspection, there should be no problem. However, according to some industry certification, some people think that the quality of some brands of microwave ovens may not meet the standard, which may have an impact, 1 hope that when you choose, you still have to choose the products that have passed the national quality verification, which will not constitute any problem

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