explosion accident occurred in titanium metal company (timet)

Recently, an explosion occurred in titanium metal company (timet) of the United States, which was caused by workers pouring liquid magnesium into the undead mold. 1t is understood that the explosion produced a huge sound, but fortunately, only two people were slightly injured, and there was no major damage. But the media’s comments on this matter are quite severe

it is reported that in December last year, similar casualties occurred at rollmet factory in 1rvine Bay, California, under the jurisdiction of PCC

on the day after the explosion of time company, Henderson factory received the order of forced closure, requiring that the company’s production operation and other problems should be re investigated and re evaluated with the focus on safety. 1t is not sure whether the plant will be completely closed or how long it will be closed, but we know that the longer the plant is closed, the more difficult it will be to restart

there is no response to this incident on the official website of time recently

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