Export of shoes and boots from Manzhouli Port to Russia continues to grow

due to the change of seasons, Russia has a strong demand for autumn and winter shoes and boots, and Manzhouli’s shoes and boots export is growing rapidly. 1n addition, Manzhouli inspection and Quarantine Bureau implemented a new inspection and supervision mode for goods purchased in the market, which greatly promoted the export of shoes purchased in Manzhouli Port market< 1t is reported that since 2010, the export of shoes and boots at Manzhouli Port has continued to grow, especially in July, August and September. 1n July, we exported 46 batches of shoes and boots, 436642 pairs, with us $4.7073 million. 1n August, we exported 74 batches of shoes and boots, 525570 pairs, with us $5.9415 million. 1n September, we exported 126 batches of shoes and boots, 658673 pairs, with us $6.1975 million. The export volume increased by 20% and 25% month on month, reaching the peak of 658673 pairs in September with the increasing demand of Russian market for shoes and boots in China, the requirements for product quality are also constantly improving. China’s shoemaking industry should seize the opportunity to improve the quality and grade of products, and develop the middle and high-end market in Russia while ensuring the original market share

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