Eye disease caused by electric welding without protective mask

Recently, accompanied by his wife, master Xu from Wucheng District of Jinhua rushed to Jinhua eye hospital for emergency treatment

Master Xu is a maintenance worker. When he was about to leave work that afternoon, he found that there was a small problem with a machine that needed welding. Colleagues reminded him to wear a protective mask. Mr. Xu didn’t think it would be finished soon. 1t didn’t matter. He didn’t take any protective measures and started welding directly. At 10 p.m., master Xu turned off the TV and was ready to go to bed. Suddenly, he suffered from eye pain, fear of light, headache, conjunctival congestion and edema. Helpless, his wife rushed with him to Jinhua eye hospital for emergency treatment

after examination, the doctor confirmed that master Xu was suffering from electro-optic ophthalmia. This is an acute inflammation caused by the absorption of a large amount of intense ultraviolet light by corneal epithelial cells and conjunctiva

according to Li Tian, director of the inpatient department of the hospital, electro-optic ophthalmia, also known as ultraviolet eye injury, is the conjunctival and corneal injury caused by excessive ultraviolet radiation. 1n nature, such as mountain areas, where the air is thin, the absorption and scattering of ultraviolet rays by the atmosphere is reduced, and in dazzling areas such as glaciers, snow and deserts, the ultraviolet content of reflected light is increased, which will cause eye damage. 1n industry, when electric welding or gas welding is carried out, eyes are often injured due to a large amount of ultraviolet radiation emitted from arc light during electric welding due to not wearing protective glasses or face shield. After the eyes are exposed to ultraviolet light, they usually get sick 6-8 hours later. This period is called incubation period. The most serious symptom is that the cornea and conjunctiva are necrotic and exfoliated after 6-8 hours of ultraviolet radiation. The first symptom is foreign body sensation, followed by severe eye pain, high blepharospasm, photophobia, tears and facial burning sensation. The patient’s face and eyelids were red and swollen, conjunctiva was congested and edematous, and the corneal epithelium at the palpebral fissure was exfoliated. The longer exposure to UV, the more epithelial cells shed. Because of the loss of corneal epithelium, the nerve endings between the epithelium are exposed, which is the cause of eye pain. The above symptoms lasted for 6-8 hours, then gradually relieved, and recovered 2-3 days later

Li Tian suggested that after the occurrence of electro-optic ophthalmia, you can apply cold water on your eyes with a towel, close your eyes for rest, reduce light stimulation, and minimize eye rotation and friction. Antibiotic eye drops and ointment can be used to prevent infection, or epidermal growth factor eye drops and artificial tears eye drops can be combined to promote the repair of corneal epithelium

Li Tian reminded that most of the patients were cured within 1-3 days after the onset of the disease, which generally would not cause permanent damage, but they should not be injured by ultraviolet for many times or for a long time, so as not to cause chronic blepharitis

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