Face mask with protective filter element should be worn for flying catkins allergy

The weather is getting warmer these days, but some people are wearing masks again – not because of the haze, but because of the flying catkins. Xiaozhao, 25, is one of them. At this time of year, she is troubled by the allergy caused by catkins” Coughing, sneezing, little red spots on the arm. ” Xiao Zhao said she went to the hospital to screen for allergens and found that she was allergic to many kinds of pollen. The doctor told Xiao Zhao that the flying willow catkins in Beijing at the beginning of spring will carry a lot of pollen. Even if not inhaled in the nasal cavity, but as long as contact with the skin, there will be allergic symptoms. Xiao Zhao’s pollen allergy belongs to genetic nature, in addition to cooperate with drugs, can only try to avoid contact with the skin. So, although the weather was warm, Xiao Zhao wore long sleeves and often wore a hat

for this, some netizens sent wechat to tease: April catkins are as big as hair, 1’m not allergic, 1’m proud

for people allergic to catkins, the most direct way to protect them is to wear masks. However, is it necessary to wear PM2.5 mask to protect catkins” Zhao Danqing, founder of the “Green Shield” protective mask, said that catkins are the seeds of willow trees and are much bigger than PM2.5. Although the professional N95 mask can block the catkins, it has poor air permeability and is uncomfortable to wear. Although the cloth mask has good air permeability, it can not block the bacteria and viruses carried by flying catkins. Zhao Danqing said that wearing a cloth mask with a protective filter element is enough

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