Facing “environmental protection”, what choice should labor insurance enterprises make

The environmental documentary “garbage besieged city” in 2010 records the eye-catching scene of Beijing, a modern metropolis, surrounded by hundreds of dumps. 1n the face of the development of science and technology, human beings unconsciously stand on the opposite side of nature while seeking convenience

what you don’t know is that according to the report on the development status and trend of green packaging in China’s express delivery field published in 2015, the adhesive tape used by China’s express delivery industry in 2015 can circle 425 circles around the equator of the earth based on the use of 1m adhesive tape per package; 1n 2016, the 1nternet catering market doubled, producing more than 20 million takeout meals a day. The used lunch boxes were stacked up enough to make three and a half turns from the earth to the international space station, and the plastic bags could cover 168 football fields

in the face of the irreversible deterioration of the environment, more and more labor insurance enterprises begin to take action and choose environmental protection standards from the source of materials. Environmental protection is not the public welfare of a person or an enterprise, but is related to the survival and development of the whole mankind. Participating in environmental protection is to save ourselves

with the continuous improvement of policy orientation and public awareness of environmental protection, environmental protection action is not only an important activity for citizens to participate in spontaneously and actively, but also an important embodiment of large enterprises to take the initiative to practice social responsibility. As a responsible glove enterprise, Shanghai name1 Shoes Co., Ltd. invested 10 million yuan to build DMF environmental protection recycling device as early as 2012. The waste water, waste gas and other wastes generated in the production process will return to the production line for secondary utilization after being treated by the equipment, so that the whole production workshop hardly discharges any pollutants. At the same time, the internal environment of the factory has been effectively improved, and the safety and health of workers are more guaranteed. Because the design is complex and the cost is expensive, few domestic labor protection products manufacturers have installed this kind of large-scale environmental protection equipment

you can hardly smell any peculiar smell when you enter the factory area of name1. People in the industry know that the general factories that produce dipped gloves will smell a strong plastic smell as soon as you enter. According to President Zou, every workshop of name1 is equipped with water air conditioners. Using the water purified by the above-mentioned environmental protection equipment as the cooling raw material can not only reduce the plant temperature, but also save energy, and the cooling comfort is higher than that of ordinary air conditioners. 1n the giant labor insurance industry, name1’s enterprise scale is not the largest, but its environmental awareness is in the forefront of labor insurance enterprises< Zou Xiaoying, general manager of Nami, said: Nami's service tenet is not only to provide comfortable and safe protective equipment for workers, but also to provide a safe, clean and healthy environment for employees. Nami has always insisted on increasing investment in the upgrading of production equipment, because with the gradual maturity of the market, environmental protection is bound to go beyond the scope of corporate social responsibility. Only enterprises that can cope with environmental risks, improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions can seize the opportunity in the future competition original statement: This article is an original article edited by China labor insurance. This website enjoys exclusive copyright. 1f you need to reprint it, please indicate the source website and author

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