fake band aids are sold in labor protection products

Recently, the public security brigade of Gusu Public Security Bureau, together with Baiyangwan police station of Gusu Public Security Bureau, has successfully smashed a criminal gang that has been selling counterfeit band aids for five years. The gang’s three suspects Liang, Zhang and Leng sold counterfeit band aids of a well-known brand containing drug ingredients under the cover of selling labor protection products. At present, suspected of producing and selling fake drugs, suspect Liang Mou and Zhang Mou have been transferred to law for prosecution. The suspect cold is released on bail according to law. At the beginning of February this year, the public security brigade of Gusu Public Security Bureau received a report from the drug administration department, saying that there was a shop selling counterfeit band aids in a small commodity market under the jurisdiction of Baiyangwan police station. After receiving the report, the police immediately carried out secret investigation, and found clues in the shop selling labor protection products

this labor protection shop is jointly operated by Liang and his wife Zhang. On the surface, it specializes in gloves, masks, toothpaste and other labor protection products. 1n fact, it also sells band aids of famous brands. The band aids sold by Liang and Zhang were not placed on the counters and shelves. They had to ask them in private to sell them; 1f there is a market check, the couple will deny the sale of band aids

after mastering certain evidence, the police quickly arrested Liang and Zhang, who were suspected of producing and selling counterfeit drugs, and Leng, who cooperated with them. They also seized 38 tablets and 74 boxes of counterfeit band aids in Liang and Zhang’s desks and warehouses, and 14 boxes of counterfeit band aids in Leng’s store< 1t's hard to resist the temptation of interests, selling fake products for five years. Liang explained that it's a coincidence to sell fake products. One day five years ago, a young man took the initiative to sell the famous brand of "high imitation" band aid at an unexpectedly low price. The original ordinary genuine band aid, although small profit but not much sales, each box to sell at most earn 20 cents. But in this young man's hands, ordinary well-known brand "high imitation" band aids are priced at 3.5 yuan, ranging from 4 yuan to 6 yuan; Another well-known brand "Gaofang" band aid containing drug ingredients costs 4.3 yuan and at least 7 yuan Liang and his wife reached a purchase and sale intention with the young man. Two years later, another salesman introduced the same kind of “high imitation” band aids. Liang saw that the purchase price of this company was lower and the degree of “high imitation” was higher, so he changed the supplier and purchased goods through bank transfer and express delivery. Liang and Zhang store the purchased “high imitation” band aids in the rented garage and only carry a small amount of goods for sale in the store. Knowing that “high imitation” is counterfeiting, Liang and Zhang’s business has been completed in 2015. This year, Zhang met Leng, who is also engaged in labor protection products, and recommended the band aid “the way to make money” to Leng in 2016, the management of the small commodity market received complaints from consumers that they had bought fake band aids, and the market began to investigate them. Liang, Zhang and Leng hurriedly transferred the sales of band aids to the “underground”. As a result, the criminal activities of the three people still showed up and were arrested by the police. Up to the time of being arrested, Liang and Zhang have been engaged in the sale of counterfeit band aids for five years, Leng has been engaged in the sale of counterfeit band aids for two years, and the three gang has sold thousands of boxes of counterfeit band aids related links you should choose regular drugstores to buy band aids the counterfeit band aids sold by Liang, Zhang and Leng are not only sold to residents, but also provided to small shops or roadside stalls. After identification, the counterfeit band aid sold by Liang, Zhang and Leng has neither production batch number nor nominal drug ingredients, and there is no way to verify the source of materials and processing flow, which can be described as many hidden dangers the most important use of band aid is small area wound emergency treatment. Even ordinary band aid without drug ingredients can also play the role of hemostasis, wound protection, bacteria barrier and infection prevention. But if the use of fake band aid, not only the wound is not protected, but also face the risk of wound infection and even suppuration police tips: Although the band aid is small, it is a big health problem. You should choose a regular store or drugstore as far as possible to buy band aids. Don’t try to be cheap or save trouble, and relax the quality control and screening of band aids. At the same time, the police reminded the public that band aids are not a panacea. Not all wounds are suitable for emergency treatment with band aids. For large, deep wounds, or wounds with foreign bodies or contaminated infections, it is necessary to seek medical treatment in time. The time of applying band aid should not be too long, so as to avoid the growth of bacteria and infection. Once the public finds that there is illegal sale of drugs, they can timely report to the drug administration or report to the police

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