Fake fire door-to-door “training” is really peddling equipment

Recently, the fire brigade of Lanshan district received many inquiries from local units. A group of people with foreign accent claimed to be police officers from fire training institutions or fire propaganda departments, and called to ask for free fire safety training for towns, departments and enterprises. 1t is understood that these are a group of fire product salesmen. Most of them wear police uniforms and in the name of fire fighting. They take the opportunity to sell the so-called fire-fighting equipment at a high price during the training

as fire protection products are specially used to prevent and fight fires and other disasters, their quality must meet the mandatory national standards and industry standards, and most of the so-called fire equipment provided by lawbreakers are products without anti-counterfeiting marks and production date, which can not play an effective role in fires. 1n the training, salesmen make full use of the trainees’ ignorance of the relevant regulations of fire products and their fear of fire, and sell “fire products” at a price far higher than the market price

Lanshan fire brigade reminds that in case of similar situation, you can call the local fire department’s public convenience telephone 96119 to verify the situation, or directly dial 110 to report the relevant situation to the public security department. Through cooperation with the police, we can jointly combat this kind of behavior that the training of fake fire department is actually peddling equipment

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