Fake masks near famous brands do not prevent haze but cause disease

As like as two peas, the inside material is the same as the outer packing, but the material inside, the feel of the grain and the length of the rubber band are totally different. Some time ago, masks used by some people to prevent h7n9 and resist the influence of haze were also counterfeited by criminals

yesterday, the Economic 1nspection Brigade of Hangzhou Xiacheng industrial and commercial bureau, with the cooperation of the rights protection personnel of mask manufacturers, carried out a special law enforcement action to protect Hangzhou’s famous trademarks, and seized a large number of counterfeit “Chaomei” masks

according to Mr. Hu, the representative of the manufacturer in charge of quality management, the manufacturer has recently received many complaints from consumers about the quality of masks. After receiving the complaint samples from consumers, the factory just found that this is a batch of counterfeit products with a high degree of imitation. Among them, “Chaomei” brand 9000 type occupational dust masks and 2002 type anti-n-nitroso compound dust masks once became the major disaster areas for counterfeiting. 1t is understood that after preliminary investigation, it is confirmed that “fake masks” have also entered the Hangzhou market

Mr. Hu told reporters that it is really hard for ordinary consumers to distinguish the real and fake masks in front of their eyes. However, the use of counterfeit dust-proof and anti particulate masks not only can not play the role of occupational protection, but also can stimulate the skin because of the unqualified inferior materials in the masks

as a national emergency material reserve unit, Jiande’s “Chaomei” mask is well-known in the industry, and the trademark is also rated as a famous trademark in Hangzhou. The industry and Commerce Department said that masks, as daily necessities closely related to people’s livelihood, have attracted the attention of regulatory authorities

according to the information provided by the manufacturer’s representatives, the law enforcement officers raided the two stalls located in the Great Wall Electromechanical market. At a stall, law enforcement officers found hundreds of “Chaomei” masks on sale. Law enforcement officers immediately asked to inspect the warehouse of the operator, and found a large number of masks of the same type in the simple rental warehouse not far away

according to the field comparison, the false mask is embossed with dense mesh steel seal, while the real mask is embossed with large-scale ultrasonic, and the edge is smooth; For the rubber nose clip that pastes and protects the bridge of nose, the real mask is designed to be 7 cm according to the national standard, while the false mask is obviously less than 7 cm; The real mask is made of special melt blown non-woven fabric filter material and sterilized by ethylene oxide, while the fake mask is made of crude material, which can be broken as soon as it is pulled and has no stickiness

the law enforcement officers ask the operators for certificates and tickets on the spot, and temporarily detain the masks suspected of counterfeiting the exclusive right of registered trademarks. After counting, there were more than 4000 masks involved in the case, with a case value of more than 10000 yuan

the industry and Commerce Department said that in view of the fact that the counterfeit masks of the above brands may have entered the market through this channel, the inspectors will further inspect other operators in the jurisdiction according to some clues found at the scene, so as to crack down on the sales of counterfeit masks

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