farmer brother saves countless people with first aid kit

Recently, an enthusiastic volunteer was praised by everyone. His net name is “brother farmer”. He often went out with first aid kit and saved countless people

“farmer brother” carries a first aid kit to save countless people

Lin Guimin, the owner of a flower shop in Taiping Street, Wenling City, Taizhou, is also an enthusiastic volunteer. His wechat name is “brother farmer”, therefore, in real life, we also affectionately call him “brother farmer”

every time he encounters a car accident, he always saves people at the first time. 1n the past two years, he has rescued six seriously injured people in traffic accidents and sent them to hospital, and countless minor accident victims have been rescued

one night in October 2014, on the road of Zhuwu line in the south of Wenling City, a 40 year old woman riding a battery car suddenly hit a stone, fell to the ground, hit her head and was unconscious. Lin Guimin, a passing volunteer, immediately dials 120 and takes the injured to the hospital with the car. He helps the injured go through all kinds of procedures and pays medical expenses in advance. He doesn’t leave until his family arrives

on the morning of March 26, 2015, Lin Guimin went to Huimin hospital via Zhonghua Road seven star Yunding hotel. He saw someone lying on the side of the road. An electric tricycle collided with a battery car, and an old woman was sitting against the green belt with bloody face. A middle-aged woman was lying on the ground next to the battery car, her back brain on the ground, bleeding. Onlookers were afraid to come forward to help. Lin Guimin, who passed by, immediately called the police and dialed 120, and accompanied him to the hospital to help the injured do CT and other examinations until his family members arrived

at the intersection of huangwan village in the south of Wenling City at noon in August 2015, a four wheeled vehicle collided with a battery car, and the whole flesh and skin of the battery owner’s arm fell off, blood streaming, which was terrible. Lin Guimin immediately helped the injured to Wenling orthopedic hospital. Later, he was seriously injured and needed to be sent to Wenzhou hospital. Lin Guimin drove for more than two hours and took her to Wenzhou hospital. Because the patient was sent to hospital in time, the skin and flesh of the injured arm were preserved

at about 7 pm on September 21, 2016, Lin Guimin drove by the section of Hengshan Shanqian village in the south of Wenling City, 266 provincial road, and a motorcycle collided with a battery car. The victims of the battery car fell into a coma in a pool of blood covered with blood, and the motorcycle troublemakers abandoned the car and fled. Most of the passing vehicles turned a blind eye. Seeing this scene, Lin Guimin immediately called 110 to rescue people. When 120 ambulances arrived, they were sent to the hospital for rescue

in order to save people better, we have to test the rescue certificate

the most important thing we fear to save people in a traffic accident is to be misunderstood by the injured family members. Lin Guimin said that he is not afraid because he has “amulet”. His “amulet” is his volunteer card and hat

“last year, on Zhonghua North Road in the urban area, an electric tricycle collided with a battery car, and the female driver of the battery car fell to the ground unconscious. 1 sent her to the hospital. As a result, my family mistakenly thought that 1 had hit someone, and they didn’t believe how 1 explained it.” 1n a hurry, Lin Guimin took out a volunteer card. After explaining the situation again, the attitude of the family members eased down, and the explanation of the traffic police who came to collect evidence resolved a misunderstanding

since then, Lin Guimin has an extra heart. He always puts on his volunteer card and hat when saving people

in order to save people better, Lin Guimin also went to learn first aid knowledge, from the simplest hemostatic bandage, to cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and then to the on-site treatment of critically ill patients” 1 used to be nervous when 1 saw the blood. 1 felt out of breath and my hands were shaking But after many times of learning and on-site first aid for the injured, Lin Guimin gradually overcame the psychological barriers

now, Lin Guimin’s car always has a first aid kit and a volunteer card. He said that no matter where he saw the accident, as long as he touched it, he would reach out for help” 1 hope more people will join in the treatment of the wounded. 1f they are treated earlier, they will have more chances to survive. “

more and more volunteers join in the rescue team

the power of example is infinite. Under the influence of Lin Guimin, more and more volunteers join in the rescue team

Su Qi is a native of Zeguo, Wenling. She is 28 years old. She has just become a mother, and her life is busy and happy

although it has been several years, Su Qi clearly remembers what happened that day: it was December 22, 2012. 1t was very foggy that day, and the road was a bit slippery when it rained. Because she was a little late, Suqi, who was in a hurry to go to work, drove a little fast in her battery car. 1n order to avoid a truck, she suddenly braked subconsciously. As a result, the front wheel was stopped, but the rear wheel was slippery. The whole person flew a few meters away and lay in the middle of the road

“1 was able to struggle to sit up, but 1 couldn’t stand up, thinking 1 broke my leg. The helmet also flew, half of his face rubbed against the ground, burning pain, thought he was disfigured Su Qi, frightened and frightened, sat on the road and cried

many vehicles passed by her, including cars, battery cars and motorcycles. Some drove away directly, some slowed down to have a look, but none of them stopped

“what’s the matter with you? 1’ll take you to the hospital! ” At this time, a voice sounded in her ear. At that moment, Suqi said that her heart was very warm. She still remembers that warmth

Su Qi was rescued by a volunteer named he Rongfu, who is now the leader of Songmen service team, a charity volunteer in Wenling City. He Rongfu said that not long after he joined the volunteer team, he was still working on a construction site in Zeguo. He rushed to work from Songmen that day. “1 didn’t think much about it at that time, but 1 felt that if someone needed help, 1 should go up to help. This is the responsibility of volunteers.”

after that, he Rongfu saved people many times. Just at the beginning of last month, a “disabled car” carrying two students collided with a battery car in Wenling Cangshan tunnel. He Rongfu immediately sent the driver of the “disabled car” to the hospital

give a rose and leave a fragrance in your hand. Su Qi, who was rescued in those years, said that this event has always warmed her. When the time is ripe, she will join the volunteer team to help more people and transfer positive energy together

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