Farmer job hopping labor security becomes a problem

Job seekers are eager for more opportunities and development space

on the 9th, in the cold wind, there were a lot of people in the odd job market at 46 Shenyang Road, and many migrant workers wrapped in thick clothes came to the odd job market to look for jobs. Among a group of middle-aged people, a young man with earrings and avant-garde clothes stands out. Because he is tall and has a good image, many job agencies actively recommend jobs to the young man without waiting for him to speak” Come and make western food. 1t’s mainly for pizza. Take care of the food. ” The owner of a western restaurant on Minjiang 2nd Road in Shinan District said to him, “how much is it for a month?”” 2300 yuan a month. ” The young man turned away as soon as he heard the boss’s reply

this young man, surnamed Liu, is from Pingdu. He is only 20 years old this year. Two years ago, he came from his hometown to work as a chef in a hotel downtown. After starting to work, Xiao Liu was very diligent, not afraid of hardship, and soon won the trust of the boss. However, after nearly half a year’s work, the monthly salary is still less than 2000 yuan, which makes Xiao Liu feel frustrated and quit his job in the hotel. With the help of his cousin, Xiao Liu works in another hotel. This time, his salary is more than 2000 yuan per month. However, he can’t bear the boring work every day. He quit the job soon. During this period, Xiao Liu got along with a girlfriend, and the daily expenses forced him to find another job. A hotel takes a fancy to his work experience, Xiao Liu has no choice but to work in a hotel kitchen. During the Spring Festival, his peers working in different places gathered together to exchange ideas, which made him feel pessimistic about the hotel development environment. After the festival, Xiao Liu quit his job again

in this way, during the two years working in the urban area, Xiao Liu changed jobs three times” The salary of more than 2000 yuan is too little. 1 usually go to the movies and have dinner with my girlfriend. Every month 1 am a “moonlight clan”. This time 1 try to find a job of 3000 yuan a month. ” Said Xiao Liu. As for his future plans, Liu said that he would like to be an apprentice in the factory to learn some skills. He felt that he was still young and should strive for more development opportunities and space

half of the recruiters didn’t come back after the holiday

boss Zhang of a hotel on Minjiang Road, Shinan District, has been waiting at the job site for nearly three hours. “Only 50% of this year’s workers will come back to work after the new year,” said boss Zhang. Most of the workers in the store are post-80s and post-90s, and their wages are not low. But for young people, their wages usually run out before the end of the month, 1n addition, they can’t bear hardships and often leave after working for a period of time, resulting in great employee mobility” From the morning till now, no one has been recruited, and all the people who come to apply for the job are “lion big mouth”, and they often need 5000 yuan a month, which is unrealistic at all. ” Zhang said

Ms. Zhou is a recruitment specialist of a company in Chengyang Airport 1ndustrial Park. She told reporters that the company expanded this year and expanded a new factory. 1n order to fill the vacancy, the company plans to recruit 100 workers, including screen printers, operators and other technical workers. However, even if the company offered 2500-5000 yuan and a high salary without a ceiling, it failed to recruit a worker on the 9th” On the one hand, screen printing workers are not popular technicians, and their technical requirements are relatively high; On the other hand, some job seekers are more demanding, so it is difficult to recruit people. This year, the company is short of workers, so it is difficult for the new factory to start on time. ” Ms. Zhou sighed

the reporter learned at the scene that in addition to the difficulties in recruitment, many enterprises are also facing the problem of young workers’ loss” Many workers will come out to work alone in order to earn more money after they have a craft. Young workers are very mobile, and companies are more willing to recruit long-term workers. ” Ms. Zhou said< 1t is understood that among all migrant workers, the proportion of the new generation of migrant workers born after 1980 is more than half, accounting for 58.4%. The new generation of migrant workers have higher education level and greater autonomy in career choice, which leads to the frequent job hopping of young employees. 1n this regard, Leng Jichang, Secretary General of Qingdao human resources professional committee, believes that the frequent job hopping of young employees will have a negative impact on enterprises and individuals “on the one hand, in order to reduce the cost of human resources, some small and medium-sized enterprises like to recruit temporary workers, do not sign labor contracts with employees, and do not buy insurance (reassurance insurance) for employees. Due to the high mobility of employees, enterprises can not develop, and ultimately harm their own interests.” Leng Jichang said” On the other hand, due to the support of their parents, many young job seekers do not have as much financial pressure as the former migrant workers, and they are more diversified in their personal career planning, so they are not loyal to the enterprise. 1n fact, only when young people have worked in a certain position for three to five years, will they be favored by another enterprise when they change jobs. ” Leng Jichang said, “frequent job hopping also makes it difficult to improve their skills and quality, which has a negative impact on their career development.” in addition to the problems of their own career development, if they change jobs frequently, the new generation of migrant workers will also face the problems of lack of labor security. Sheng Shaohua, a lawyer from Shandong Yabo law firm, said that short-term or part-time work below a certain working period is an employment relationship, not a labor legal relationship, and cannot enjoy the labor insurance paid by the employer. 1f an employee who has signed a labor contract with the employer and has formed a labor legal relationship resigns or changes his job during the period of validity of the contract, the contract must be terminated before the enterprise can terminate the payment of labor insurance” Therefore, frequent job hopping will have a certain impact on the insurance of enterprises, and also have a negative impact on the protection of migrant workers’ rights and interests. ” Sheng said at the beginning of the new year, the odd job market at No.46 Shenyang road is booming. Many companies even can’t open because of the shortage of labor, so they rush here to recruit workers” “Less monks and more porridge” gives many job seekers more choices. A group of new generation migrant workers also come to the market. They have higher and higher requirements for the boss’s personality and enterprise integrity, and the frequency of job hopping is also very high. At the beginning of each year, it is the peak time to “fry” the boss. At the scene, a post-90s who came to Qingdao to work for two years has changed three jobs. Experts remind that frequent job hopping is not conducive to the development of enterprises and employees, and employees’ labor security and other rights and interests are not protected copyright notice: This article is reproduced from the network media, only represents the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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