Fashionistas go to labor insurance stores and hold old brand shoes

Feiyue shoes and Huili shoes, which were once popular in the 1970s and 1980s, are now back in people’s sight and become the new fashion favorites pursued by young people in Xiaoshan

recently, the column “hotline 82654321” of our newspaper often receives calls from readers asking where Xiaoshan sells Feiyue shoes and Huili shoes. As a “post-80s generation”, the reporter is familiar with these two brands of shoes. They are old sports shoes made in Shanghai. For many “post-80s generation” and “Post-70s generation” men, they are the two kinds of shoes most often worn in childhood. But now, these already faded out of the market of domestic shoes, and “make a comeback”, become Xiaoshan people’s new favorite

old brand domestic shoes are sought after by young people

the reporter learned that nowadays, most of the sales of Feiyue shoes and Huili shoes in Xiaoshan are labor protection stores. 1n the past two years, more and more young people have bought these domestic shoes in labor protection stores

the owner of a labor protection shop on Xiao Shao road told the reporter that many young people who come to buy Feifei shoes and Huili shoes are very fashionable. At first, he didn’t understand why they were so fond of these “smelly rubber shoes”. Later, he learned from a 22-year-old customer that Feiyue shoes are not what they used to be. Now it has been repackaged and put into the market by a French company. The starting price in the European and American markets is 50 euros, but now it’s too hot” 1 never thought these shoes would be popular. You know, in the past, people who came to buy leap shoes and Huili shoes were all middle-aged and old people over 40 years old. “

during the interview, the reporter happened to meet 29 year old Xiao Shao to choose the shoes. Xiao Shao told reporters: “in our opinion, the leap shoes and Huili shoes in those years are equivalent to the later nike shoes and adidas shoes, which are regarded as the top sports brand.” According to Xiao Shao’s recollection, when he was a child, he used to wear the leap shoes of seven years. He usually took good care of the shoes. Almost every day, he wiped the shoes very white and didn’t touch any mud” Leap shoes quality is really good, especially its sole, thin and light, like not wearing the same. 1 like to play football with flying shoes. 1 feel good about my feet< However, as he grew up, domestic shoes such as Feifei shoes and Huili shoes gradually faded out of the market. But recently, he found that many friends around him put on these old brands of shoes again, which reminds him of many good memories. What's more, he also found that now, no matter in Tianya and other well-known forums, or on Taobao and other large shopping websites, all kinds of new collocations about Feifei shoes and Huili shoes have emerged one after another. Men use them with jeans, and women use them with skirts. 1t looks really "trendy" Feiyue shoes and Huili shoes have become hot topics again after many years. Consumers have different views on their fashion trends. More consumers are surprised and nostalgic about the resurgence of Feiyue shoes and Huili shoes, but their recognition and admiration for the new brands launched by foreign companies are not obvious Xie, who has just joined the work, recalled: “in the early years, when 1 played badminton, 1 wore Huili shoes, which was really good. But later 1 didn’t know why 1 couldn’t buy it, so 1 had to change a pair of leather shoes for two or three hundred yuan. Since then, 1 have never bought any canvas shoes with thin ox tendon soles. Still, 1 miss Huili shoes. ” Xiao Xie said that if a new type of Huili shoes comes out, he will consider buying a pair to have a try. However, when it comes to the Feiyue shoes that come back from “studying abroad”, Xie said, “if it’s a foreign version of Feiyue shoes, the price of a pair of 50 euro is too expensive. 1 think it’s a novelty that foreigners like so much. 1 will never blindly pursue fashion. “ it is understood that no foreign version of leap shoes is sold in the major shopping malls in our district at present. At present, the Feiyue shoes and Huili shoes on the market in our district are all old versions in China, and the price is generally less than 30 yuan. The person in charge of a large shopping mall in the urban area said that no matter what, Feiyue shoes and Huili shoes are always low in technology and old in style. After this trend, they will inevitably fall into silence and the market will not buy them. Therefore, shopping malls will not blindly follow suit the reporter found that nowadays, the sales channels of Feiyue shoes and Huili shoes are mainly through the 1nternet. Many online businesses are under the banner of “reliving childhood memories”. However, netizens began to write “trial report” after trying out of curiosity at first, and continued to buy and write. The “neglected beauty” of Feifei shoes and Huili shoes has attracted more and more attention. People began to search, buy and discuss the feelings of using them. 1t can be said that the leap shoes, Huili shoes are more through the way of network communication, once again into people’s vision news link: the golden age of Feiyue shoes and Huili shoes Feiyue shoes was born in Shanghai in 1959, and its original manufacturer was Shanghai Rubber Shoes Factory No.1. At that time, both the simple style design, light materials and simple logo of Feiyue shoes have reached the fashion trend of simple design from a modern perspective, and the almost manual production line is the fashion concept of modern people” 1n the first year, Feiyue produced 1.616 million pairs, and in 1964, it was rated as the first of its kind in China from the 1960s to the 1980s, China’s shoe industry was the world of “leap” and “return”. 1n the early 1980s, wearing leap shoes was the aristocracy. 1t can be said that these two kinds of shoes were outstanding because of their simple and distinctive design and the era of homogenization. But in the 1990s, due to little change in style, it was gradually replaced by sports shoes of various joint venture brands. “Huili” and “Feiyue” have been hovering on the verge of bankruptcy due to the decline in sales. Then in China, they have become typical “poor people’s shoes”. They can only appear in the remote rural market or the street stalls where migrant workers gather in cities until 2008, Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom appeared on the set in Manhattan, New York. At that time, a pair of sneakers on his feet was particularly eye-catching. 1t turned out that they were Chinese time-honored sneakers – “leap”, which were acquired by the French and reborn in European and American fashion circles. Today, it has a fashionable name – “Feiyue”. Although it is only a transliteration of “leap” in Chinese, it has a new brand definition: “flying forward”. 1t has a fashionable appearance and comfortable material, so it has once again become the focus of fashion experts

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