Feeling pulse for occupational health

in order to further control the occupational hazards, safeguard the health rights and interests of employees and the effective operation of the enterprise’s occupational health management system. Recently, Shandong Aluminum chemical alumina plant combined with the actual research, production and marketing to “feel the pulse” for occupational health management, and put forward “good prescription” to improve the level of occupational health management

occupational health knowledge training can enhance immunity. We will conscientiously organize the publicity week of the occupational disease prevention and control law in April of this year, and actively carry out various forms of publicity of occupational disease prevention and control knowledge through education and entertainment. Strengthen the training of occupational health management personnel, improve the legal awareness and responsibility awareness of occupational health management personnel. Do a good job in the daily training of harmful operation staff, formulate practical training plans and measures and implement them, with the training rate of more than 95% and the qualification rate of 100%

the control of occupational harmful factors can improve the prevention and control ability. According to the requirements of “three Simultaneities” of occupational health in construction projects, the pre evaluation and control effect evaluation of occupational hazard factors should be organized and carried out. Organize regular sampling inspection for occupational hazard factors of hazardous operation posts, timely analyze and study the unqualified posts, put forward rectification measures and supervise the implementation. Actively create conditions, improve the working environment, and focus on the control of noise hazards on the basis of continuing to do a good job of dust and poison control

occupational health protection is in place to strengthen the tendons and bones. Timely issue occupational health protection articles according to the standard, improve the account registration, and urge the employees to wear the protective articles timely and correctly. For those who do not wear protective equipment according to the regulations, education help shall be given, and for those who do not change after repeated education, records of adverse behaviors of occupational disease prevention and control shall be made. At the same time, combined with the actual production of chemicals, occupational health bulletin boards and warning signs should be reasonably set up in obvious places inside and outside the operation line. Continue to carry out physical examination before and after work. Employees with abnormal occupational health examination will be properly handled according to the physical examination report, those who need to be reexamined will be reexamined in time, and those who have occupational taboos will be transferred from their original posts as soon as possible

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