Female laboratory workers in remote oil areas

Sinopec news (Chu Weiping) coincidentally, Wu Huijun, Zhang Aiping and Luo Xiulan all work in the laboratory class of the first area of reservoir management in the remote No.2 oil production plant. Wu Huijun is elder sister, Zhang Aiping is in the middle, and Luo Xiulan is the smallest

Wu Huijun was assigned to the laboratory class as soon as she graduated from school. As soon as they arrived at the unit, there was a commotion. Tall, with golden hair, tights and tight shorts, Zhang Aiping and Luo Xiulan looked at the hot girl and laughed: “welcome to join the group.”

in the laboratory class, for safety, you can only wear red work clothes and can’t bring any decorative items. Wu Huijun, who loves beauty, has to pick up fashionable clothes and hide her blonde hair under the safety helmet

in her spare time after work, Wu Huijun, who loves beauty, will show her makeup and clothes in front of her two “old-fashioned” sisters. Until one day, she just changed into casual clothes in her bedroom to prepare for a meeting

“ha ha, sister Wu, you have fashionable hairpins, as well as oshli’s fashion and diamond embedded high heels. Why don’t you wear them at work?” Zhang Aiping, who lives in the same dormitory, asks questions suspiciously. Wu Huijun smiles” You’ll find out later. ” This question was not answered until the alarm rang that day. On that day, the three sisters were discussing laboratory technology in the duty room. Suddenly, they smelled a pungent smell of gasoline. Wu Huijun and Luo Xiulan rushed to the laboratory immediately, leaving Zhang Aiping in a daze

after Zhang Aiping recovered and quickly put on her work clothes, the two sisters had finished troubleshooting with greasy gloves. When Zhang Aiping saw that the two sisters were wearing greasy red clothes, she was very embarrassed to smile at them

since then, Zhang Aiping has been like a different person. Sometimes when the monitor is away, Zhang Aiping has become a man. Fifty Jin a barrel of test gasoline was picked up with one hand and put a pad on the left foot in the corner; Wu Huijun often goes to the front line to collect first-class materials in person, and runs well with the front-line workers. When he finds abnormal materials, he can collect them in time. According to her words, he can do more work, breathe fresh air outside, and unconsciously exercise himself. He has the best of both worlds? Women do not let men, life is colorful. 1n the kitchen, each of these three women has unique skills in cooking: Wu Huijun’s sauerkraut fish, Zhang Aiping’s Dragon and Phoenix soup, and Luo Xiulan’s sweet potato cake. They often use their spare time to get together with male workers

home is a warm harbor. Although they all live happily in their posts, every time they talk about the elderly and children, they will become very quiet. 1n fact, they are very homesick, especially when they encounter something at home. The three people are very anxious, but they comfort each other

they are ordinary female laboratory workers, but like male workers, they run wells in remote oil areas all the year round; They are also a group of simple and lovely female workers. 1n order to get accurate information, they deal with bottles and cans every day, but keeping the data acceptance rate up to 100% has become their common wish

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