Female villager falls into well carelessly, fireman does not wear breathing apparatus to save

in the deep well with thin air, the woman who fell into the well was still struggling for help; 1f he doesn’t wear an air respirator to save people, the rescuer’s life is also in danger, but it takes time to wear an air respirator. 1f it takes one minute, the underground woman may not have a chance to survive… 1n order to save people effectively in the first time, he chose the former, risked his life to go down the well, and finally successfully rescued the woman

the people in the mine called for help, and the people on the well urged “get down the well quickly”

“come on, my daughter has fallen into the well.” On the evening of October 8, the public security fire brigade of Minquan County received a report from the masses that a woman accidentally fell into a well in qinlaojia village, laoyanji Township, Minquan county. After receiving the alarm, the brigade quickly dispatched a rescue vehicle and seven officers and soldiers to the scene

on the morning of October 9, song Jiaming, the squadron leader of Dianli Avenue squadron of Minquan county public security fire brigade, said that after arriving at the scene of the accident, after on-site inquiry and investigation, it was found that the diameter of the well was about 1.5 meters, and the water surface was about 8 meters away from the wellhead. Villagers usually use this well for watering

“hurry up, the people in the well are going to die, go down the well quickly!” The crowd anxiously urged

at the scene, the faint cry and struggle of the underground women could be heard

the well is not too deep, and there may be thin oxygen. 1f you go down the well quickly to save people, you may succeed

“although we have brought professional air respirators, in order to save time, we decided to let firefighters directly go down the well to save people without wearing air respirators!” Song Jiaming said

in case of emergency, before the soldiers go down to the well for rescue, the rescue personnel on the ground still quickly use the mobile gas supply source to add oxygen to the well

in order to seize the time, it is difficult to ensure the safety of soldiers who go down the well without wearing air respirator

“1’ll go down the well!” Wang yun’an, a 22-year-old soldier, made a choice

after the ground personnel explained the precautions for going down the well to rescue, they asked him to take the safety rope down the well to rescue people. Due to the uneven terrain of the site, the wellhead is high and the surrounding area is low. Under the guidance of safety rope, Wang yun’an had difficulty breathing as soon as he went down half the distance into the well

“1 felt chest tightness at that time. 1 couldn’t stand it, so 1 was asked to be lifted up by the well personnel.” Wang yun’an said, “since you have chosen, you can’t pretend to be a coward.”

the ground personnel quickly adjusted the binding mode of Wang yun’an, and Wang yun’an went down the well for the second time after taking a deep breath

“when 1 went down to the water, 1 saw that the woman’s head was almost submerged. 1 called her and she didn’t respond Seeing this scene, Wang yun’an quickly held her under his arms, lifted her out of the water and motioned to the ground personnel to pull the rope. 1n this way, the woman was rescued from the ground

the doctor said, “if you save two minutes later, you won’t be able to live”

the woman was carried to the people’s Hospital of Minquan County in an ambulance for rescue. Because she was worried about the rescued, song Jiaming also rushed to the hospital to visit her

in Minquan County People’s Hospital, the rescue doctor said that due to timely rescue, the lives of the rescued were no longer in danger” But if you save two minutes later, you won’t be able to save anyone alive! “

it is understood that the trapped woman’s name is Qin Hongying, 23 years old. She is from Qin’s hometown, laoyanji Township, Minquan county. She is a mental patient. Due to the neglect of her family, she fell into the well

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