Female workers fall and tear off their scalp helmet

A woman worker fell and broke her safety helmet. She tore off her scalp. The safety helmet was very thin. The site said that she would conduct a comprehensive investigation.

yesterday, a woman accidentally fell down at a construction site on luogui road. She not only broke her safety helmet, but also tore off her scalp. She received surgical treatment in Wuhan General Hospital of Guangzhou Military Region. 1 fell from a stool about one meter away and the helmet on my head broke. How rotten is the helmet? The reporter went to the construction site to investigate and found that this kind of inferior safety helmet can be concave with one hand, and can be broken with one foot. The person in charge of safety at the construction site said that a comprehensive investigation will be conducted and all inferior safety helmets will be collected< At about 8:50 a.m. yesterday, Liu Dagao from Suizhou and his wife Guo Huilian were working on the construction site of Nanguo Xiongchu square on luogui road. At that time, Guo Huilian climbed up a 1-meter-high stool to pass the putty to the workers. When she stepped down from the stool, one foot stepped on the board floating on the water, and she slipped and fell hear “Ouch!” A sound, workers quickly gathered up, we found that Guo Huilian’s helmet bleeding. He helped her to take off the safety helmet, only to find that the safety helmet was cracked by more than ten centimeters, and the left side of Guo Huilian’s head was cut by more than ten centimeters, bleeding everyone quickly helped Guo Huilian up. Mr. Liu, the person in charge of the mud working group, and master Zhou, the contractor, immediately arranged a vehicle to take Guo Huilian to Wuhan General Hospital of Guangzhou Military Region< After examination, Guo Huilian was diagnosed as acute brain injury, scalp avulsion injury and tooth injury. Yesterday afternoon, when the reporter arrived at the hospital, Guo Huilian had just finished the operation. A pre-operative photo provided by master Zhou, the contractor, showed that the wound on her head was more than ten centimeters, bloody and fleshy when the safety helmet was pressed, it was a pit Guo Huilian fell down from a stool about 1m. Master Zhou, the Contractor’s head, said that under normal circumstances, the safety helmet would not be broken at this height. Guo Huilian’s husband, Liu Dagao, said that if the quality of safety helmet is up to standard, the safety helmet can play a role of safety protection when his wife falls down. Even if he is injured, it will be better than the present situation. 1t’s this bad helmet that killed my wife yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw the helmet worn by Guo Huilian on the construction site. The helmet was still covered with blood, and one side of it was cracked, leaving a crack of more than 10 cm at the scene, the reporter found that some workers were wearing the same safety helmet as Guo Huilian” You see, it’s so thin that you can trample on a hole with one foot! 1s this hat safe? ” The workers at the scene complained. The reporter pressed once, and sure enough, he could press a pit Liu Yanfeng, the person in charge of the safety supervision department, who is responsible for the safety of the construction site, said at the scene that this kind of inferior safety helmet can not play a protective role at all the workers said, “if you fall to the ground, you can break it. 1f the brick and steel bars fall from high altitude, they will be smashed to pieces. What’s the safety function of safety helmet? “ at the scene, the reporter compared this inferior safety helmet with other safety helmets and found that the inferior safety helmet was half light and half thin. 1n addition, normal safety helmets are pasted with inspection certificates, while inferior safety helmets are not< According to Liu Yanfeng, the inferior safety helmets may come from the hardware store. Liu Yanfeng said that the inferior safety helmets were not uniformly distributed at the construction site, and they did not know how they came in. They patrol every day and have never found such inferior safety helmets Liu Yanfeng took reporters to the warehouse of their construction site, took out boxes of safety helmets and said that these safety helmets were purchased from regular manufacturers, and the quality of them passed the standard. Liu Yanfeng said, “before the new workers enter the construction site, the team leader of the construction site should get free helmets for them.” qualified safety helmets can be obtained free of charge. Where do individual workers wear inferior safety helmets? Mr. Liu, the leader of the mud working group, said that his team members were mobile, and he didn’t know where some new workers got their safety helmets a female worker wearing inferior safety helmet said that it was the contractor who led them to take it from the dormitory. As for who bought it, they don’t know Liu Yanfeng guessed that workers should pay a deposit when they receive safety helmets for free. 1f you lose your hat, not only can you not enter the construction site, but also you have to compensate for the loss. Therefore, it is possible that individual workers lost their safety helmets and bought cheap helmets outside to avoid compensation. Liu Dagao confirmed that in individual hardware stores, there are indeed inferior safety helmets for sale Liu Yanfeng said that they would conduct a comprehensive investigation on the construction site and replace the inferior safety helmet immediately. For the injured Guo Huilian, the construction site will be responsible for her, and she only cares to see a doctor this article is a reprint of 1nternet media, which only represents the author’s point of view and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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