find the person with the party emblem on the helmet

On some construction sites, common colored flags flutter with the words of “Party member demonstration team” and “Youth League member commando team”. Some people don’t think so. At the bottom of their heart, they think that form is more important than content. What’s the use of the party organization where construction workers work” There is no need for secretaries to hold meetings on the construction site. 1t’s better to seize the time and discuss more construction plans. ” When the Disney project started in Shanghai in 2013, foreign owners had similar ideas. But more than a year later, with subtle changes and difficulties in the project, their first reaction was to ask fan Xuemin, “please hold a party meeting.” When they couldn’t find fan Xuemin, they had already figured out a way to find “the person with the party emblem on the safety helmet” on the construction site< Who is fan Xuemin? 1n the reporter's imagination, he should be a white-collar elite with smooth tongue, fluent English and stiff suit. 1n fact, he saw a man with gray hair, small flat head, short but stout figure, northeast accent and typical "big brother of working class". He is deputy secretary of the Party committee, Secretary of the Discipline 1nspection Commission and chairman of the trade union of Shanghai Branch of China Construction Second Engineering Bureau. He started as a plumber and worked on the construction site for 34 years. When he talked about all kinds of construction technology, he was "gushing" and finally broke away from the topic. He also talked about how to hold collective weddings for workers scattered all over East China Send "tips" for movie cards and cake coupons. The reporter listened patiently for a long time and realized fan Xuemin's loveliness. His heart was full of "serving everyone well" and "solving problems well". To sum up, it was also simple, "original intention" the Party branch on the Disney site even if it’s not an architect, you can imagine the “difficulties” of the Shanghai Disney project: the international and matrix management mode, the picky and strict engineering requirements of American experts, the huge project management team and tens of thousands of drawings that need to be deepened, and the China Construction Second Engineering Bureau where fan Xuemin works, 1t is the construction general contract of treasure Bay project. Shanghai Disneyland is the only Disneyland in the world with treasure Bay. Many crafts and techniques are the first time that there is no place to learn from the concept of the US side is advanced. 1t is designed, modified and constructed at the same time. 1t is flat management, and each party performs its own duties, but “acclimatized”: the parties involved in the construction do their own things, and it is difficult to unite. When they encounter problems, they blame each other, shirk responsibility, and stagnate. The most troublesome time was a meeting on the construction site, with the door closed, talking and quarreling for five hours, without any progress, and the construction period lagged behind in 2014, how to ensure the construction period of Disney project is a thorny problem. When the American managers were at a loss, fan Xuemin, through investigation, thought that the key was to establish a smooth communication and coordination platform, and several participants were state-owned enterprises, so he showed his own skill, that is, to set up a “United Party branch”, and asked all Party members on the construction site to stand up and carry out “vanguard action of Party members” the first party branch meeting was held “secretly”, and fan Xuemin said sincerely: “state owned enterprises should fight for voice at the critical moment, and our Communist Party members should rush ahead.” With unity, all parties made concessions. The meeting lasted more than an hour, and the difficult problems were basically agreed the next day, the American owner held a regular meeting of all parties. People saw him kneading his forehead. After all, it was normal for a similar meeting to be “stiff” for four or five hours, but this time everyone said “no problem”, and the meeting ended in ten minutes the Americans chased fan Xuemin and asked, how did they do it” We had a meeting yesterday. “” 1’ll come to your meeting next time. “” You can’t come. 1t’s a party branch meeting. ” The Americans shook their heads with a smile, did not believe it, and then insisted on going, to listen in, not to speak. Fan Xuemin asked him to go to the next meeting of the Party branch. The meeting was held like this: throw out problems, discuss where the crux is, how to solve it, who will do the extra work, who will pay the extra money first. Please sign the minutes of the meeting, and the blonde onlookers will take it from that day on, on Disney’s construction site, there were party badges on safety helmets, flags of youth commandos and “letter of commitment of Party members”, and soon the “red flag” was flying. American owners are not only used to “finding party members if they have problems”, but also hand over large-scale activities such as Mid Autumn Festival parties to the United Party branch where the project is, the party organization will be set up the reporter asked, there are many ways to establish a communication and coordination platform, why should we choose to establish a joint party branch? Fan Xuemin thought for a while and said that everyone has a natural sense of trust and dependence on the party organization in fact, this is also his many years’ experience in the construction industry – this industry is highly mobile, people go with the project, the construction team is not local people everywhere, often working in a barren land for several years, and when the high-rise building starts to boil, they will go to the next barren land, husband and wife are often separated, sometimes it is difficult to overcome the sense of drift without the party organization. Fan Xuemin advocates that as soon as each project starts, the Party branch of the project should be integrated into the local Party building joint construction. Now, the Party committee of Shanghai company of China Construction Second Engineering Bureau has actively integrated party building resources, and has set up 13 regional project party branches, implementing the professionalization and localization of Party branch secretaries. Every time an activity is held on the construction site, such as an artistic performance, a knowledge contest or a football match, it is sure to call on the local village youth. 1n recent years, fan Xuemin often takes the lead in pairing up with private Dabieshan primary school in Pudong New Area. After several times coming out of the school, his colleagues have to borrow two or three yuan to take the subway for fan Xuemin. Unconsciously, he has no more “dedication” left the reporter went to a construction site in Qingpu to find fan Xuemin. At the same time, Guo Mingyi, a model worker, was invited to give a lecture on the construction site, and took this opportunity to set up a volunteer service team. The construction site was very clean and the scene was very lively. Fan Xuemin has many similar ideas. The Shanghai Branch of China Construction Second Engineering Bureau has set up a special fund to reward migrant workers’ children, carried out joint military and civil construction with “haoba company on Nanjing Road”, and helped Chongming Tuanjie village build convenient roads. These party building activities also bring benefits to construction site management, such as noise nuisance, safety production or road traffic problems, Most of them can communicate and solve in time there are party organizations on the construction site, and the migrant workers are the most benefited. What Fan Xuemin most often says is “three don’t let”, not let a migrant worker “shed tears, fall behind, drop price”, especially “not let a migrant worker fall behind”. 1n a construction site in Qingpu, Guo Mingyi’s classroom is where the night school is located. He can build scaffolding, roll steel bars, and do carpentry work in mud water. His regular teaching is always better than that of the wild road; A few years ago, fan Xuemin also organized a large-scale labor skills competition. About 2000 workers participated in the “big training”. Two outstanding front-line workers have become project management personnel through competition because of their good skills. Under the proposal of fan Xuemin, the party organizations at the construction site also put forward many meticulous “caring methods”. For example, the “birthday standards” of the construction sites in East China are different, and now they use the “highest standard” to issue 300 yuan cake coupons; For example, the commitment of “ensuring that the annual growth rate of employees’ income is not less than 10%” is included in the collective contract…. the reporter heard several times at the construction site that Secretary fan was praised as a “intimate person”. A few years ago, fan Xuemin went to a place in Anhui Province to “fight” with the hospital and insisted on coordinating the transfer. After expert consultation, he realized that the previous hospital had misdiagnosed and prescribed the wrong medicine. He just delayed and worsened a common cold to the point that he had to issue a critical illness notice and require renal dialysis operation. Others remember that fan Xuemin, a tough and serious man, held a group wedding for 26 young employees with a big red loudspeaker. As a witness, he was as happy as his own children. He said that there are many young people on the construction site and they are mobile. 1 am your “mother’s family”. After hearing this, the new people and parents feel naturally friendly trust and dependence can only be achieved with original intention

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