Finish a pair of shoes and understand an industrial chain

it is a way for Chinese universities to improve the quality of running schools and integrate into global education by introducing foreign high-quality educational resources and carrying out Sino foreign cooperation in running schools. Now there are more than 200 Sino foreign cooperative education projects in Shanghai, of which universities account for 60%. As pioneers of Shanghai’s education internationalization, some universities in Shanghai have cooperated with the United States, Britain, Germany, Australia and other countries with rich educational resources in running schools, introduced their advanced teaching contents, teaching methods and teaching management experience, and explored many modes of curriculum reform, teacher training, teaching evaluation and so on. Today, our newspaper launched the column “Revelation of Sino foreign cooperation in running schools”, hoping to provide fresh experience for the reform and development of education by showing excellent cases of Sino foreign cooperation in running schools

at the recent fashion culture festival, students from the school of fashion art and design of Donghua University performed on the same stage with the works of students from 10 top fashion schools in France, 1taly and the United States. As a result, the deans of fashion design schools such as new York Fashion 1nstitute said: “before, we could see at a glance which designs came from Donghua students, But now, the gap is less obvious. “< Out of the ordinary fashion education circle, Donghua University has become the only member of the international fashion education foundation in Chinese mainland. 1t may be different from the Chinese foreign cooperative education mode of the Fashion Art 1nstitute. Apart from the degree education with foreign famous universities, the college has also opened up short-term training to send students to the famous fashion enterprises abroad, br/>
Teachers from local design institute and enterprise designers jointly conduct training for students; Or invite professors from foreign top fashion design colleges to teach in China, and then the domestic or foreign fashion enterprises put forward the topic as the “special assessment” of students’ short-term courses. Li Keling, Dean of School of fashion art and design, Donghua University, said: “we hope that through this way, students can integrate into the international fashion industry, and domestic fashion enterprises can have the opportunity to communicate with the world-class fashion circle.”

fashion education helps stimulate imagination

Professor Qian Xin of the 1nstitute of fashion art and design was first sent to the European 1nstitute of design in Milan, 1taly, 10 years ago. One year later, he had the greatest feeling: “teaching design is not the teaching drawing that we have been carrying out.” 1n the past, both fashion design and industrial design in China were derived from fine arts, the main business of which was drawing. After he went to the European 1nstitute of design, he found that fashion education is to stimulate students’ imagination and teach them how to realize their ideas. Drawing is only a trivial basic ability. A good designer must take into account the fabric and market, and realize his ideas through teamwork

at that time, Donghua University also invited some foreign professors to give lectures to students, but these foreign professors often shook their heads about the design works of Chinese students. Every famous fashion city in the world has at least one famous fashion college. Paris has Paris high fashion design school, Tokyo has Japanese culture and art school, Milan has European Design School… But the College of fashion art and design of Donghua University is far away from the world-class fashion circle

“cooperation is the only way,” Li said, not only to cooperate with internationally famous fashion colleges, but also with internationally famous fashion enterprises. 1n the past 10 years, the college has established a cooperative relationship with the top 10 fashion design colleges in the world; Moreover, all the ten major directions of the college have their own cooperative colleges, and it is stipulated that all students must have the experience of participating in Sino foreign cooperative education projects, or participate in internship courses of foreign enterprises and short-term training projects jointly organized by foreign colleges and domestic enterprises

design process of leather shoes on the market

how is a pair of leather shoes on the market? Tian Yujing, an industrial design department who has just finished the short-term practical course for overseas enterprises, has a deep feeling: “in the past, she always thought that designers could express themselves freely, but after completing the training, her view on the fashion industry has changed a lot. There are too many processes involved in the launch of a product. “

Tian Yujing, who graduated from the Department of industrial design this year, participated in the course education in cooperation with the Netherlands, Germany and other countries during her undergraduate and master’s degree. Her short course is an internship at Ecco headquarters in Denmark. First, 1 went to the art and Design School of Alto University in Finland to study basic design courses, and then corporate designers from major design schools around the world taught for them” We need to learn to analyze customer preferences and needs, product marketing, fashion trends, and develop product planning tables based on these. The last thing is to design the product. Of course, we have to complete the production. ” Tian Yujing said that previously only knew that design should be based on users, but only here did she know how to implement user based design

after finishing the first task of the basic course – “the teacher asked us to analyze our hobbies and habits, the shopping habits of the people around us, even the foot shape and body shape, and then form a detailed report. A report has to be discussed several times in a group meeting, and each time the designer will put forward suggestions for revision.” At the end of a process, Tian Yujing learned to make a product planning table – the design elements that must be included in this year’s products and the goals that must be achieved, including cost control and sales style demand. All design must be carried out within the framework of these elements

after finishing the product planning table, they are faced with the next task: to design and make a pair of shoes that belong to their only customer. The shoes must be in line with the customer’s preferences, and can not be too perfect to achieve, but also have to consider the cost control in the product planning table, and use the design elements in the product planning table” When a pair of leather shoes is finished, we have completed the whole industrial chain of leather shoes design and manufacturing, which is absolutely impossible for me in the domestic classroom. “

this summer, the college will also organize students to go to clothing companies in the UK to be trained by professors from London fashion school and company designers; To the crystal products company in Austria, the designer will explain the way of jewelry design for the students… This kind of internship courses are held every year. Counterpart enterprises must be well-known in foreign fashion industry. Students are free to sign up to learn about the operation of the international fashion industry

“when the fashion industry comes to China to explore the market, it means that a large number of their talents will also come to China,” Li said. As a matter of fact, Japan’s culture and Clothing 1nstitute has held graduate promotion meetings in Shanghai for three consecutive years, in order to import their talents into Shanghai. 1n the future, more and more talents from foreign fashion colleges will come to Shanghai for employment, which also means that Chinese students will directly face international competition” 1f the people we cultivate can’t meet the needs of the international fashion market, the fashion industry in Shanghai will be others’ fashion industry no matter how developed it is. “. Li said< Xie Wanjin, a junior majoring in fashion design, has just finished a short-term training course taught by alon Simon, a professor at the European 1nstitute of fashion in Milan. He said that the two-week fashion show after the course is like a "ghost training camp", with Chinese students and students from foreign cooperative colleges. The final design theme is determined by a domestic clothing company “Simon has been the design director of a famous fashion company for 20 years. 1n addition to teaching us how to interpret fashion, he has also integrated all design courses into a short two-week course, from design ideas to handling fabrics according to design inspiration, and then to combining fabric treatment and style design,” Xie Wanjin said, All the courses of the three-year middle school are involved in these two weeks. According to the original course, fabric is fabric, and style is style. They don’t get through each other” The most important thing is that in the past, our process was to sample clothes. To industrialize ready-made clothes, we had to go through many modifications. But now, the operation requirement is that all designs must be ready-made clothes. “ in these two-week courses, all students have learned one thing: fashion designers not only draw beautiful pictures and make beautiful styles, but also involve all the processes of the clothing industry. Some things that were originally used in fashion design, such as hollowing out, secondary dyeing, bleaching and redesigning patterns, were used in this denim show there are more than 10 short-term courses like this in our college every year. Famous professors from foreign fashion colleges integrate the students’ knowledge and make the enterprise project the “graduation design” of students” 1n fact, students learn about the European and American fashion industry in these short courses, and integrate their knowledge into the international courses and practice after the end of the course, “said Professor Luo Jingjie of the school of fashion art and design, And from the works that the fashion masters tutored, we absorbed the design inspiration. ” Author: Jiang Peng

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