fire accident caused by explosive welding in a chemical goods warehouse in Jinan

at the scene of the accident (1)

at the scene of the accident (2)

at about 13:35 on October 21, a chemical plant in Xihe village, Hehua road street, Licheng District, Jinan City, Shandong Province, caught fire after an explosion, with heavy smoke and peculiar smell. The reporter learned that the fire broke out in the warehouse of Jinan xinlonghai industry and Trade Co., Ltd., where some chemical raw materials were stored. When the owner of the house expanded himself, welding caused the fire(EHS. CN)

there were two explosions

there was a tremor two kilometers away

at 16:30, when the reporter followed a fire truck to the scene of the accident, the scene was still covered with smoke. From the scene, the fire area is large, hundreds of square meters of reservoir area is smoking everywhere. Workers from a nearby gravel factory told reporters that there were two explosions at the time of the incident, and some bricks were blasted hundreds of meters away

“1 was at home when 1 heard a loud noise and 1 ran out.” Mr. Zhu, who lives nearby, said that after he went out, he found that there was a suspected factory warehouse in the Northeast where there was white smoke, and then there was a fire more than ten meters in the air< Mr. Zhu said that although his home was nearly two kilometers away from the site of the accident, the explosion was particularly strong at that time, and the houses were shaking severely. Mr. Chen, who lives in the dormitory near the warehouse where the fire broke out, also said that when the explosion happened, the shock was particularly strong. "1 saw the walls and furniture shaking. 1 thought it was an earthquake. When 1 came out and saw the smoke, 1 knew it was a fire." there was no fire hydrant at the scene take water from the stinky ditch to put out the fire on the way near the fire, the reporter saw that the window glass of a nearby warehouse was broken in the explosion, and there were many pieces of broken glass on the ground. There were several fire engines parked beside the fire warehouse, and the fire officers and soldiers were trying to put out the fire. However, an hour later, there are still large fires in some areas according to the workers nearby, the first explosion and fire occurred in a chemical warehouse in the northeast, and then ignited other warehouses in the west, including the warehouse of a furniture factory. Reporters saw that the Northeast warehouse fire from time to time after the rise of fireworks explosion, suspected storage of fireworks and other flammable and explosive materials previously, it was reported that the explosion of chemical warehouse was caused by the explosion of gas pipeline. The reporter noticed that the staff of Ganghua gas also rushed to the scene for investigation. Due to the suspected storage of chemicals in the warehouse on fire, many villagers wore masks for fear of toxic substances in the smoke, and the environmental protection department also arranged a detection vehicle to arrive at the scene to monitor whether there were abnormal organic pollutants according to the villagers nearby, there may be no fire hydrant in the factory where the fire broke out, so the fire officers and soldiers had to take water from a stinky ditch one kilometer away from the factory to put out the fire. The reporter saw that the water quality in the stinky ditch turned black. At the water pipe interface, the leakage of sewage was very pungent, which made the onlookers at the scene unbearable the explosion caused two people were slightly injured according to 120 emergency personnel at the scene, one person was injured in the explosion and has been sent to the second hospital of Shandong University for treatment. There are still several ambulances on standby at the scene. 1t is not clear whether there are other injured people. The reporter learned from the emergency center of the second hospital of Shandong University that the hospital received two injured people from the vicinity of the explosion site, one of whom was not seriously affected. When the reporter arrived, he had left the hospital. The other had multiple head and face injuries. A hospital security guard told reporters that when it arrived in the afternoon, the old man’s face shed a lot of blood, but his consciousness was still relatively clear later, the reporter saw the old man in the emergency room and the doctor was treating him. The old man’s head has been simply bandaged, and there are still many blood stains on his face, which have dried up” 1 was in the warehouse, and all of a sudden it exploded, and 1 was crushed. ” The old man told reporters. According to the surgeon, the hospital did CT on him. He was not seriously injured. His head and face were injured by glass debris. There should be no major problem after bandaging according to one of the old man’s workers, the old man’s surname is Yin, 65 years old, a stranger, working alone in Jinan. At present, the family has not yet arrived at the hospital, so he can only go through the relevant procedures. His workers said that at the time of the incident, the old man was in a warehouse more than 30 meters away from the explosion warehouse. “1 didn’t expect that his warehouse could be so shocked.” the fire was caused by electric welding the responsible person has been controlled as of 17:00, the fire has not been completely put out. Affected by the fire, traffic control has been implemented from the north gate of Gaishi agricultural trade city to the east end of Shengli road. At 17:07, Jinan public security and Jinan Fire Department reported that the warehouse of Jinan xinlonghai industry and Trade Co., Ltd. was in the fire, and the burning materials were hydrogen peroxide storage tank, sodium chlorate, nitrite and other additives, paper products, books, etc the reporter learned from the Publicity Department of Jinan municipal Party committee that the warehouse on fire was a 300 square meter warehouse in Xihe village, Hehua road street, Licheng District, rented by xinlonghai industry and Trade Co., Ltd., which stored some chemical raw materials. When the owner expanded the warehouse by himself, electric welding caused a fire accident, causing a fire in other neighboring timber and sundry warehouses, with a burning area of about 1000 square meters. As of 16:00, the fire had been brought under control. According to the preliminary investigation, except one person was injured, no other casualties were found. No abnormal organic pollutants were found in the on-site monitoring by the environmental protection department, and the relevant responsible person has been controlled

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