Fire drill of water gas station

This is the scene of the fire emergency drill of Zhuhai oil tanker

recently, Zhuhai oil company conducted a fire emergency drill for the tanker in the Tangjia wharf sea area. The leaders of Zhuhai Company and relevant personnel of the retail department boarded the tanker to observe and guide the drill on site

in order to do a good job in this drill, the company has set up a joint emergency command group and formulated a detailed fire emergency plan for the tanker. This accident simulated an emergency treatment plan for a fire on an oil tanker under refueling operation” Captain, the deck is on fire, the deck is on fire! “, After the fire, an employee on the deck called out to the captain” According to the captain’s command, all the crew immediately entered their respective posts to deal with the work in a tense and orderly manner. Five minutes later, the fire on the ship was put out, and the mechanic put on protective clothing and went to the scene for oil leakage detection

the whole drill was carried out orderly according to the plan procedure, with clear division of labor and proper handling, and the expected effect was achieved. The actual combat ability and level of “water gas station” in dealing with emergencies have been improved

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