Fire emergency plan for chemical building

1n order to implement the fire protection law of the people’s Republic of China, the order of the Ministry of public security of the people’s Republic of China: Regulations on fire safety management of organs, organizations, enterprises and institutions, and the fire safety regulations of the College of chemistry, improve the awareness and ability of all teachers, students and staff of the College of chemistry to deal with sudden fire. To ensure that in case of a fire, the personnel at the scene and around the accident can timely report to the police and fight the fire as much as they can, and the relevant personnel (including relevant leaders, volunteer firefighters, etc.) can be in place in time to effectively organize the fire fighting, personnel evacuation and rescue of the trapped people. The fire emergency plan of Chemical College (chemical building) is formulated< First, set up the fire emergency team of the College of chemistry. With the approval of the director, set up a fire emergency team composed of a deputy director in charge, the safety officer of the college, members of the center's comprehensive management committee and volunteer firefighters, with the deputy director in charge as the leader. The fire emergency team is responsible for dealing with all matters related to the sudden fire< The fire law of the people's Republic of China stipulates: "anyone who finds a fire should immediately report to the police."" The fire unit must immediately organize forces to put out the fire. The neighboring units shall give support. "< Alarm mode: 1. Fire alarm detector alarm: when the on duty staff in the control room of the fire alarm system finds a fire alarm, the on duty staff should arrive at the scene immediately according to the alarm information, put out the fire in time according to the fire situation or use the fire extinguisher, or call 52119 or 0119. And report to the hospital office (Tel: 51710) or fire emergency team leader (Tel: 57907) as soon as possible

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