Fire experts point out four details of escaping from a fire and deciding life and death

1n Hangzhou Yuhang Economic Development Zone, a six story dormitory building of xinhuading group caught fire suddenly. The fire department quickly dispatched the fire squadron to the rescue. When they arrived at the scene, they found that a room on the second floor was burning violently, and the smoke spread throughout the corridor. At the same time of controlling the fire, most of the fire fighters were involved in the search and rescue of the trapped people. The fire fighters searched one floor, one room, one room, and finally found more than 60 trapped people. These people are all employees and family members of enterprises. 1n the process of escape, most of them made fatal mistakes. Fortunately, the fire was controlled in time and no casualties were caused. Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable

combined with the rescue record of the fire department, the reporter consulted the fire experts of Hangzhou fire department to point out four escape details that determine life and death

error 1: run straight out

scene: even if the fire fighters repeatedly urged, everyone just took a small step out, and they were all straight out

risk analysis: when we watch the fire scene in the movie, everything is very clear. But in a real fire scene, you can’t see anything clearly. You may become disoriented, even in a room you’ve been living in, unable to figure out where the windows and doors are

the toxic and harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide produced by the combustion of substances are lighter than that of air, and they keep accumulating in the sky, while the air is pressed down. 1n this case, the closer to the ground, the more air people can breathe, on the contrary, the more toxic gases people inhale. 1f you stand and breathe a few times, carbon monoxide can suffocate you

the correct way: bend over more than 45 degrees, and even need to crawl on the ground when the smoke is heavy, so as to leave the fire as soon as possible

error 2: hold the collar to cover the nose and mouth

scene: in the process of evacuation from the fire, most people hold the collar to cover the nose and mouth, throw away their arms and run out

risk analysis: when people escape, their breathing will accelerate. At this time, it is easy to inhale a large amount of toxic gas. Although bending down can minimize the inhalation of toxic gas, it is very important to cover their mouth and nose with a wet towel. Research has proved that the effect of wet towel in the fire smoke filtering is excellent. 1f the ordinary wet towel is folded 8 layers, the smoke elimination rate can reach 60%; 1f folded 16 layers, it can reach more than 90%

if you want to go through the firework blockade area, you can pour cold water on your head and body, or wrap your head and body with wet towel, wet quilt, wet blanket, etc., and then rush out

the correct way: cover your mouth and nose with a wet towel. The more layers you fold, the better the smoke filtering effect

error 3: unable to find the stairs, ran blindly

scene: because there are more than ten rooms on each floor, the fire fighters called out people and then went to look for other trapped people. When the fire fighters turned around, they found a group of trapped people who didn’t know which side to escape to, and even couldn’t distinguish the direction of the stairs

risk analysis: people have the habit of phototropism. For example, when there is smoke in the corridor of a hotel, if one end of the corridor is dark and the other end is bright, people usually evacuate to the bright direction. 1n a strange fire environment, it’s easy to get into a dangerous situation by running blindly towards the bright direction

you should be familiar with the escape ways in normal times. 1n case of fire, first of all, keep calm and quickly judge the dangerous and safe place. Never blindly follow the flow of people and crowd each other. When you are in a strange environment, such as staying in a hotel, shopping mall, entering entertainment places, be sure to pay attention to the evacuation passageway, emergency exit and stair location, so that you can escape from the scene as soon as possible

the right way: identify the emergency exit and evacuate quickly

error 4: hiding in the room and not coming out

scene: during the search on the fifth floor, the fire fighter knocked on a room and a woman was ready to leave with the fire fighter after opening the door. The fire fighter asked, is there anyone else? The woman replied, yes! 1t turned out that there was a man in the room. When the fire fighter pulled him out of the room, he asked the fire fighter, can you go out

risk analysis: only from the perspective of this fire, the two men and women have time to escape, otherwise once the fire spreads, they will be in a very dangerous situation

if you find a fire outside the room, you should also pay attention to escape. First of all, you need to confirm the fire outside the room. You can know it by touching the temperature of the door. 1f you feel hot, it means that there is a big fire outside. At this time, you can create a shelter and stick to the waiting for help. You should close the doors and windows facing the fire, open the doors and windows behind the fire, plug the door with wet towel and cloth, and then do not stop drenching the room with water to prevent the infiltration of fireworks. You can fully expose yourself in the balcony, windows and other places, so as to facilitate the search and rescue of firefighters

if the temperature is not high, run to the known emergency evacuation exit nearby, and close the fire door in time. Don’t take the elevator

don’t be smart. When there is a fire, hide in the bathroom and think there is water to put out the fire. As everyone knows, there is no wind in the bathroom, so you will be poisoned and smoked inside

the correct way: evacuate to the nearest emergency exit according to the situation

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