Fire experts suggest that families be equipped with emergency fire fighting equipment

Recently, the author with the provincial public security fire brigade in the province to organize fire products Publicity Week activities. Fire experts suggest that families should be equipped with three kinds of common emergency fire-fighting equipment: fire extinguisher, gas mask and emergency flashlight. The market price of the “three piece set” is about 160 yuan. 1n addition, the fire equipment maintenance plant reminds that used and expired fire extinguishers can be refilled

regular fire products have a unique identification

“the fire extinguisher barrel produced by regular manufacturers has an” identity identification “with a unique code uniformly printed by the fire product conformity assessment center of the Ministry of public security. Consumers can find out the manufacturer of the fire extinguisher, the manufacturer and the manufacturer of the fire extinguisher through the website of the fire product conformity assessment center of the Ministry of Public Security (China fire product information network) Address, production date, product specifications and other information are the most direct and effective ways to identify products. ” Liu, manager of a fire equipment company in Guangdong, answered the author’s question about how to distinguish the true and false fire products. The author then log in to the website of the fire product conformity assessment center of the Ministry of public security, and the “fire product information query” option bar is in the eye-catching position of the webpage. Consumers can directly query the fire product number and obtain product related information without identity verification. After the code of fake and shoddy products is input, the webpage prompts “this product information cannot be recognized”

it is understood that purchasing fire-fighting products from regular manufacturers and dealers can greatly reduce the probability of consumers purchasing fake and shoddy fire-fighting products. Regular dealers can provide consumers with complete product qualification certificate, business license, organization code, product inspection report issued by national authoritative inspection agency and other compulsory certification certificates. Regular fire products suppliers have the Supply Certificate issued by Guangdong provincial public security fire brigade

in addition, consumers can also identify the authenticity of fire-fighting products through the appearance of products: the appearance of fake and shoddy products has rough manufacturing process; Label and package printing is not clear, and regular products have obvious color difference; The “identity label” of counterfeit products can be easily removed and reused

only 160 yuan can be provided with family fire emergency box

“boss, 1 want to buy some fire products for D1Y family fire emergency box. Which products should 1 choose?”” Customers usually choose household fire extinguishers, gas masks and emergency flashlights. Come in and have a look. ” 1n a fire equipment market on chebei Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, a shopkeeper enthusiastically introduced it. See different sizes, a wide range of fire extinguishers, the author can not start: “household fire extinguishers should usually choose what specifications?”” Household fire extinguisher is generally one kilogram and two kilogram. One kilogram fire extinguisher is light in weight and easy to carry. 1t is suitable for the elderly and private cars. 1t can be used to put out the fire at the beginning

the author learned from the shopkeeper that gas masks can block thick smoke and toxic gas in case of fire; The emergency strong light flashlight can be used for escape lighting in case of power failure due to fire and smoke blocking the line of sight. When necessary, it can be used as a distress signal to facilitate the search and rescue of rescue personnel. Fire extinguisher, gas mask, strong light emergency flashlight three kinds of household emergency fire equipment are complete, the owner’s offer is 160 yuan

in Guangzhou fire maintenance plant, a staff member told the author: “now many people don’t know that the fire extinguisher can be reused. They throw away the fire extinguisher without daily maintenance, expiration or use, resulting in a large waste of fire extinguisher resources.” What types of fire extinguishers need to be maintained and what should be paid attention to” All fire extinguishers need to be maintained and inspected regularly. The contents of the inspection include whether the pressure of the fire extinguisher is sufficient, whether it is within the service life, etc. ” The factory staff said that regular inspection and maintenance of the fire extinguisher can extend its service life and ensure that it can better protect the lives and property of the people

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