Fire fighting dinner for cute children

1n order to further strengthen the fire safety work of kindergartens under the jurisdiction, and strengthen the safety awareness of kindergarten cute children and teachers, on the morning of June 25, Dawu fire officers and soldiers walked into polwo kindergarten and delivered a “fire safety dinner” for 800 cute children in the kindergarten, aiming to let the children grow up with fire knowledge

in the publicity activities, aiming at the fact that the kindergarten cute children are young and have little understanding of things, the fire officers and soldiers use the form of deep moving image of comics and pictures to make the fire common sense into a display board and display it in front of the cute children, so that they can have a more intuitive and profound understanding of the simple fire safety common sense; At the scene, the officers and soldiers told the cute children the importance of campus fire prevention and how to deal with the fire; 1t also tells the kids how to prevent fire, how to escape in case of fire, how to protect themselves, and how to dial “119” correctly” Cute kids, what should we do if there is a fire? “” 1 know. 1f there’s a fire, call 119! “” 1f there is a fire, put out the fire with a fire extinguisher” At the scene of the activity, the officers and soldiers constantly asked questions to improve their interest in and attention to the common sense of fire fighting, and they did not show weakness and rushed to answer the questions raised by the officers and soldiers

then, in order to satisfy the curiosity of the cute children, the fire officers and soldiers also tried on the fire protective clothing for the cute children, displayed various fire appliances, and explained the use, performance and usage of various special fire equipment

through the launch of the school fire publicity activities, the children have a direct contact and understanding of fire protection, feel the importance of fire safety, and improve the fire safety awareness of the cute children

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